Timow’s Turf Midyear Report 2017 (Part 1)

WE ARE OFFICIALLY in the midpoint of 2017 and for the past six months, the Philippine media landscape changed faster than anyone could have guessed.

Here on Timow’s Turf, we will focus on the moments that transpired the first half of the year. Welcome to

Welcome to the Turf’s Midyear Report 2017.

Because of the widened rate of deviance that needs to be recorded as possible, this series is divided into three parts. This article marks the first part of the said series.

It’s a Beautiful Day

On the first month of 2017, most Filipinos were not keen to Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration in America but on the 65th Miss Universe pageant here at home – at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Hosted for the third time, the most famous international beauty pageant was able to unite peacefully the Big 3, alongside ETC and all Filipinos last January 30. TV5 grabbed the preliminary events exclusively on the preceding weekend.

Despite the placement of our contingent, Maxine Medina, hindered to the Top 6, the crown that was held by Pia Wurtzbach for 13 months was peacefully transferred to Miss France Iris Mittenaere.

After this, the networks went on their own way.

An Institution That Lasts a Generation

TV Patrol 30 with special guestsLast March 2, ABS-CBN’s early evening flagship newscast TV Patrol turned 30 years old. To commemorate the milestone, they do what they do best – holding public service events e.g. job fairs, first aid seminars, you name it.

Three months later, during the network’s traditional Flag Raising Ceremony vignette, the institutional anchors took the lead and released their official theme song for the pearl anniversary but they never forget to give special tribute to ordinary Filipinos that contribute in patrolling the happenings of the country.

While it’s indeed an achievement, there’s an obstacle…

Settling on the Court (Not the Basketball Type, A Different One!)

RematchAs the NBA post-season was about to begin, Solar’s BTV pulled out of SkyCable last Holy Week. What was the reason of the dispute? Unpaid carriage fees worth PHP 321 million but ABS-CBN, the accused parent company, is willing to pay P 80 million and still no deal was made. Because of the situation, piqued basketball fans snapped out ABS-CBN’s cable provider in favor of Cignal.

BTV is not the only one that pulled out of the cable provider but also entertainment channels from the plaintiff as well such as Jack TV and CT.

As the rights row heated, Solar brought the case to the Mandaluyong City trial court (in the appellant’s jurisdiction) and ordered the media giant’s seizure of garnishment but the court quickly granted ABS’ motion to lift the writ of attachment and garnishment. However, Solar claimed that they won the case despite the lack of proof from the court.

In spite of a pending ruling, ABS-CBN and S+A shared the Eastern and Western Conference Finals respectively (tape-delayed) and simultaneously aired the NBA Finals live with Filipino or American commentaries correspondingly.

With that feud in mind…

K-Drama: A National Network’s RNG Loss is A Regional Network’s Gain

Legend of the Blue SeaIf you watched on your ABS-CBN regional channel, you probably observed Koreanovela Legend of the Blue Sea lost ten episodes due to the said Eastern Conference finals (with five) and the national championship itself on the morning (als0 five).

Obviously, blame it on the 5 p.m. death slot, due to regional TV Patrol and its lack of resolution due to maintaining their status quo of centralization of operation and corporate avarice.

For there were jeers in Mother Ignacia’s boardroom indecision, cheers were roared in Jose Abad Santos Avenue as the somewhat-unheard-of Koreanovela “Here Comes Mr. Oh” — which was aired PTV in 2014 — transferred to CLTV 36 and as of press time, they show it at an ungodly hour.

Primetime Canceryes

Mulawin vs RavenaWe know the adage of “fighting fire with fire.” Did you also know that South Triangle networks “fight one’s cancer with another type of cancer?” This type of cancer rivalry is described on the current players at 7:45 p.m. every weeknight: FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano and Mulawin vs. Ravena.

On the former, it is all due to the success of the show. With that, the storyline is expanded and it will be extended until January next year. However, some viewers are tuned out due to repetitive and recycled plotlines despite the changing set of guest stars (hence, cancer of viewership).

Meanwhile, the latter was placed after a smashing success of its similarly fashioned predecessor, Encantadia. However, GMA 7’s critics are not happy with the result for few reasons: Director Dominic Zapata’s track of incompetence, the repeating exhaustible cost of production and the pan-and-scan 4:3 CRT output (hence, cancer in production).

Six Days is the New Five

IANU Nerf GunSince March 27, GMA’s afternoon series Ika-6 na Utos extended its frequency to six days a week – initially thought to be an April fool’s joke. Despite being outside of the norm of the typical mainstream teleseryes, the immensely popular kabitserye was able to crush out their competing programs in Mother Ignacia every Saturday. However, this rate of frequency could harmfully impend the changing viewing habits on teleseryes somewhere in the future.

Is It Destined or It’s Never Meant to be Yours?

DTBYFor the AlDub Nation, Alden and Maine’s very first primetime teleserye “Destined to Be Yours” was something to look forward after ending Kalyeserye last year.

However, on its premiere day on February 27, Kantar reported the domination of their rival ABS-CBN’s programs from sign-on to sign-off, which makes the solid and bandwagoning fans fumed and ranted for cheating and window-dressing allegations over the rating figures on social media.

From the Tube thought that Maine’s acting skills on the new project was raw and were not ready to take such risks. In addition, I believed there was a virtual waiting window for at least one-full-calendar-year for her, as she is not an exclusive Kapuso artist, unlike Alden, before hitting any TV project outside Eat Bulaga.

Special Mentions

  • Super Bowl LI marked the not just the first time it went overtime but also the first time ABS-CBN’s S+A carried it.
  • New dubbing of Voltes V on GMA 7 released as part of the anime’s 40th anniversary.
  • Kris Aquino’s travel show Trip Ni Kris flopped out after one episode after moving to GMA while Gina Lopez’s G Diaries was able to succeed despite her rejection from the Commission on Appointments after a ten-month stint as the environment secretary and a half an hour delay from episode 2 onwards due to MathDali.
  • GMA Public Affairs turned 30 years this year yet still remains going outside of their explicit responsibilities by producing anthology Tadhana and comedic series sucha as D’ Originals and recently, I Heart Davao.
  • ABS-CBN aired Lethal Weapon on Saturday night, proving how US series are supposed to be aired.
  • Patrol.PH is introduced as a technology-driven and public service-focused digital property for the digital audience.
  • Dobol B sa News TV returned to airwaves last April 24 with an extension of their simulcast until 11 a.m.
  • Umagang Kay Ganda‘s 10th anniversary.

In the meantime, Part 2 of the three-part series will come up tomorrow. Stick around.



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