Timow’s Turf Midyear Report 2017 (Part 2)

WE ARE OFFICIALLY in the midpoint of 2017 and for the past six months, the Philippine media landscape changed faster than anyone could have guessed.

Here on Timow’s Turf, we will focus on the moments that transpired the first half of the year. Welcome to

Welcome to the Turf’s Midyear Report 2017.

If you missed out Part 1, click on the link before continuing to Part 2.

Choose Courage or Choose Carelessness

In this closing first half of the year, TV5 launched a new campaign, “Choose Courage” with an assortment of shows.

Some are original (Brillante Mendoza Presents and Lakbai), some are borrowed and dubbed (US series and anime), some are revived (Philippines Next Top Model: High Street) and some are regained (WWE on Sunday afternoons from FOX Sports).

However, the litany of perennial problems in Novaliches/Reliance continued to be unresolved such as:

A single reason is obviously to blame for the enumerated perpetual mess: being a yes-man to sports by signing exclusive contracts and consequentially, hastening the PBA conference playoffs.

More on that will be prospectively exposed in the second half.

Hitting Two Regionals with One More Filipino News

CNN Philippines’ Newsroom expanded another edition, this time in FIlipino, in the weekday mornings, on February 6 and presented by former GMA reporter, Ruth Cabal. However, the expansion paid the price on two regional newscasts in the afternoon when on March 31, both Cebuano and Kapampangan News were quietly axed.

Change Has Come (and Scammed)

The first half of 2017 was crucial for People’s Television from head to toe.

When it comes to facilities, PTV introduced its new identity was exposed (the logo-monogram was released last Wednesday), a new media hub in Baguio and studio improvements in Davao del Norte.

The government-owned and controlled broadcaster introduced new programs through following means:

  • From other networks (Kilos Pronto & Mula sa Masa, Para sa Masa)
  • From the government agencies (DOSTv, Biyaheng Bukid, Sagisag Kultura), and
  • From their own (Daily Info, Bagong Pilipinas, Negoshow and two travel shows)

However, these programs costed Xiao Chua and his eponymous segment Xiao Time, Panahon.TV, Radyobisyon, Good Morning Pilipinas and the Special Forum. Not to mention, Ms. Kathy San Gabriel.

The government network forged a new foreign block since Gloria’s days as a guide of what PTV would be under his set of reforms. They currently aired CGTN (formerly CCTV 9 or CCTV News) block — an obvious hint of President Duterte’s stance in foreign policy.

The new sportscast for PTV, the Philippines Football League (PFL), kicked off last May, supplanting United Football League (UFL) as the legitimate professional football league. Now closing its second month, PFL has suffered much either on postponement of matches or mid-play interruptions. As of press time, four out of 11 televised matches were interrupted either in favor of the President or in favor of weather disturbance.

Despite the change of things, one thing will never change. They still carry political partiality and favoritism – the palakasan system – which is a complete opposite of what the President promised on his first SONA for “editorial independence and impartiality” last year. This will happen as Digong 8888 Hotline – presented by Arnell Ignacio – will be on the air and Mocha Uson might carry her show that was sacked out by DZRH here.

Weak and Wobbly in Unlucky 13

Since last March, the barely-heard-of sister station IBC 13 diminished its transmission signal in Quezon City yet it continues to broadcast outside Luzon and on cable and satellite networks, continually carrying worthless and repetitive infomercials.

Although two members PHTV Group member from Nueva Ecija and Cavite have received sharply on their outdoor antennas, it can be deducted that they want to cut the operating cost that cannot be paid with almost any more cash but it sacrificed some other interesting regular (such as El Shaddai, Kerygma TV, and Chinatown TV) and special programming (Holy Week). Cloudy and rainy conditions helped deflect its radio waves to receive the kind of quality.

However, the question remains when will its privatization be in fruition or will it be just a mere drawing (in proper English: just looks good on paper or just a pipe dream) as wished by its employees.

Speaking of that, fortunately, ATC (the content blocktimer thought to be dead in the water) will revive tomorrow night with An Evening with Raoul (presented by Raoul “The Singing Diplomat” Imbach, head of Mission of the Embassy of Switzerland).

Little Guy Goes Big-Time Digital

Last February 28, Light Network (channel 33) ceased analog transmission and began digital reception the following day. Happened about almost a fortnight after the Digital TV Summit that reaffirmed the adoption of the ISDB-T platform, the underdog network owned and influenced by Villanueva’s Jesus Is Lord Church beats not just the extended nationwide deadline of 2023 but beating Iglesia Ni Cristo’s two channels (NET 25 and INC-TV 49) who experimented very long and hard.

Madam Secretary’s Special Snowflakes

Madam Secretary punched our President – fictitiously speaking.

In an episode called “Break in Diplomacy,” the CBS political thriller drama detailed Secretary Elizabeth McCord’s (Tea Leoni) experience in meeting with President Datu Andrada (Joel de la Fuente) with the arrogance and gloat on sexual conquests of the latter before the incident occurred.

The Philippine Embassy in Washington, the Malacanang Palace, and the sensitive DDS members cried foul because it depicted and reflected the actual President right down to its intricacies, despite Leoni has thought of someone else. In order to “play it safe” from humiliation, Solar Entertainment, the local rights holder of the said series, pulled out the said episode.

Despite the determinations to watch the show on cable or on Netflix (or any other Internet streaming websites), critics appreciated it and jested them to take it with a “grain of salt,” using the hashtag #MadamSecretarySapakParty.

Special Mentions

  • Gilbert Remulla’s immature tweets against the opposition that compromises his new role as a host of Political Insider in CNN Philippines
  • Merger of Fox Movies Premium and Star Movies Philippines into Fox Movies Philippines
  • The demise of Universal Channel and Syfy Asia today.

Part 3 of the three-part series will come up tomorrow. Stick around.


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