Timow’s Turf Midyear Report 2017 (Part 3)

WE ARE OFFICIALLY in the midpoint of 2017 and for the past six months, the Philippine media landscape changed faster than anyone could have guessed.

Here on Timow’s Turf, we will focus on the moments that transpired the first half of the year. Welcome to

Welcome to the Turf’s Midyear Report 2017.

If you missed out Parts 1 and 2, click on the following parts before wrapping up to Part 3.

Reaching the Milestone, Starting Over Again


Last March, Wish 107.5 reached 1 million+ subscribers on their original YouTube channel filled with performers crooning aboard the Wish Bus. However, they faced copyright or music rights infringement issues. Consequently, they created a new channel with 170k+ subscribers (as of press time).

The Sour M&Ms

No, not that kind of M&M’s we are discussing here…

The namesake colorful button-shaped confectionery that we consume is indeed sweet but this part is not.

The M&Ms referred on this segment are Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar and Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson, two media personalities who are currently in charge of government media affairs.

Andanar’s office was under fire with controversies and blunders, at least two were easily spotted: the Martial Law video defending it as the “law of the land” and a technician from Radio Television Malacanang (RTVM) streamed for a few seconds a pirated snippet of Hugh Jackman’s “Logan.” As a result, the office is ordered to abolish their Strategic Communications Office to “streamline” their functions.

These inedible and sour M&M’s that we refer to

However, the most docile woman is the worst of the said couple. She holds a litany of broadcasting sins, including:

Despite the antics enlisted, they will not stop at all, as they are currently producing and airing their weekly “DDS Podcast” that is aired simultaneously on Facebook and RP1 as still a counterprogramming strategy pitted, again, against the second highest official’s show in RMN.

Speaking of RP1 and in spite of the organizational antics…

Piecemeal State Radio Reform

The Philippine Broadcasting Service (PBS) gets an overhaul — though staggered and work-in-progress due to the flow of allotments, unlike private entities that can accumulate restricted retained earnings over time.

Bong Aportadera is the brainchild of turning the government-owned radio network similar to those from the BBC.

Since February 2, Business Radio 104.3 became FM2 and four months later, on June 5, Radyo ng Bayan on 738 kHz became Radyo Pilipinas 1 (RP1). Their Director General, Rizal Giovanni “Bong” Aportadera, Jr. (Sonny B), materialized the blueprint. While Sports Radio 918 and Radyo Magasin 1278 retained their old brand in the AM frequency territory, for now, the new FM1 87.5 will begin its full maiden operations next month.

Monster Raves out Love’s Loony Party

Last May, Monster RX 93.1 won the Best Radio Station (Metro) on the 25th KBP Golden Dove Awards, crushing Love 90.7’s opportunity from earning the third consecutive accolade as a “hall of fame.”

Radio critics rebuked this MBC-owned FM radio station (aside from its sister station YES FM 101.1) for being mayabang and claiming no. 1 as listenership reports stated otherwise.

Radio Piracy Galore

In the PHRadio Group, we tackled about the solar-powered pirated radio station, Radyo Kontra Droga in 98.3 that was discussed on this blog. Recently, Ron Cruz received a gift from an official but they cannot stop operating their station playing kanto rap (street rap).

However, this is not the only case as another one caught another’s ears but it’s even worse as they use two Filipino cuss words — the “P” and the “G” word — for their station ID. The other pirated radio is called Radyo Kontra Weeaboo 107.1 playing somewhat of J-pop/Morse-code format. The station’s Facebook page was filled with profanity and slurs as they evade broadcast ethics imposed by authorities.

BONUS: Charting the new PH Music Horizons

After nine months of forming and operating the localized Billboard, three weekly charts that were simultaneously introduced last June 12 (Independence Day): Philippine Hot 100 (mix of foreign and local releases), Philippines Top 20 (purely local) and the Catalog Chart (purely local but released more than three years ago). With that, there will be fewer biases in the FM radio’s charting system but more load for Ralph Domingo’s weekly pronouncements aside from the usual U.S. counterpart.

Currently, he posts it every Thursday with the Top 10 of PH Hot 100 and the top local artist.

Special Mentions

  • Papa Jack transferred from Love 90.7 to Energy 106.7. YouTube celebrity Lloyd Cafe Cadena replaced him.
  • Five biggest FM stations (JAM 88.3, WAVE 89.1, MAGIC 89.9, 99.5 PLAYFM & 103.5 KLITE) joined forces yesterday for hosting #OneSoundPH, the very first multi-casted radio concert event in the country.
  • Home Radio 97.9’s ditching of the CHR Local format and the return of their signature ever-popular and ever-loved AC format after three years.

These past six months that progressed in the local media industry taught us that unanticipated things happen and it is the new normal of expectation. No trends will stay permanent but permanent preparations will.

However, Timow’s Turf cannot do it all alone to document the next half of the year in television and radio in the Philippines. There will be others to rely but if you cannot, it is all up to you to contribute.

Remember; just stick around, as it will be even a steeper and bumpier hell of a ride.

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      1. OFF-TOPIC: That person could be Rhod Mykel, the notorious hoaxer, imitator of KaJoyfulness TV, and a video thief. Oh my gulay…

  1. Not only Home Radio Manila ang nag-reformat to easy listening format, lahat na Home Radio stations din. Good music for me ang Home since ganyan sila hanggang naging masa hanggang naging CHR then back to easy listening.

    But some Home Radio stations including Legazpi ang may news format block. Narinig ko po na may news program ang 92.3 Legazpi kapag 7 a.m.

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