#MondayThoughts 1: Limited Capabilities and Lost Opportunities


If you just stepped in and say, it has been six weeks since I transferred all media-related content from this domain to a new one. This was in response to my college classmate’s admission to blogging in WordPress.

After that long wait, I have decided to put the blog as a penny of my thoughts and most non-media hodgepodge. Talking politics, for now, will still be under consideration.

Without further ado, let’s get on with the first of my Monday thoughts.

You have heard about From the Tube. That’s where I follow for insights on the media industry and caught my inspiriation to set up a more decent blog.

After four years, his blog is officially defined and programmed.

I know that comparing myself to him is not a good thing but, to tell the truth, everyone should understand his transactions as his blogging policy:

  • He only publish one post per day every weekday except one. No posts are made when it falls on a national holiday.
  • He prioritizes on South Triangle networks. Preferably, on both networks’ teleseryes, then sports.
  • Teleserye endings are published early in the said week. Its replacements are to be published at latter part or Monday if two teleseryes happened.
  • Rumors of artists switching to another network are dismissed, unless confirmed by social media accounts and supporting news item.

Most of you will not trust him. Few visitors, dropping comments, are very critical over his favoritism to ABS-CBN and related cable channels whenever they read despite his claim otherwise.

Well, as a friend, I understand that and that’s why my aforementioned insight blog comes to the rescue.

Unfortunately, so far this year, I expect to post three a month and gradually decreasing per passing month.

Since last year, I redefine my article request policy but most proposals are not all child’s play but not all are manageable to research and to formulate all alone.

On that progress, few of my insights were traded off:

  • The punctuality issue replaced on the return of American Idol,
  • My thoughts on financial disclosure for the lackluster coverage of Palarong Pambansa,
  • The thoughts on Brillante Mendoza’s Amo,
  • Recently, the failure to cover the insights of the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (now the Duchess of Sussex).

While Palarong Pambansa occurs annually (which I don’t think I’ll carry that soon or in FTT’s case, at all), others happen once in a lifetime.

I felt regretful and grieved over the sacrifices for others’ choices and it would have been an opportunity to supply and to satisfy the disgruntled lot.

Thus, I asked myself: Am I being a pushover to heed their outnumbering and overwhelming demand with a bottleneck of supply?

To be honest, I have realized that we have distinguished specializations but we are packaged with limited resources — including time.

Nonetheless, the fact of life still persists: lost opportunity will never appear again.

One thought on “#MondayThoughts 1: Limited Capabilities and Lost Opportunities

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