#MondayThoughts No. 2: MAY-hem

I can’t believe it’s the last Monday of May — a Spring Bank Holiday in UK and Memorial Day in America.

While summer vacation opens in the States from this date, it marks the impending end of it here, which means parents are getting ready to buy things for their kids for school come June 4 (public) or later (private).

With that, public schools will begin to refurbish and repair the facilities and equipment before the opening. The DepEd’s school calendar has finally released, awaiting the agony of public school teachers to plan their daily lessons.

Today also marks the start of the Flag Days, pursuant to Republic Act 8491, until June 12 for the 120th anniversary of the country’s declared independence. In light of that, I will upload an educational YouTube video within this week in light of the patriotic days leading to the core national holiday.

I’m at lost of words right now because of the pressure in writing on my main media blog. I have to meet the deadlines.

Until next week, Timow out.

One thought on “#MondayThoughts No. 2: MAY-hem

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