#MondayThoughts No. 5: Getting Old and Getting Real

I just turned 24 yesterday but I felt that at that moment, I should not celebrate age. One more year and I’ll be in the quarter life crisis and I can’t turn back.

It’s true; no one is immune on growing old, even if we go on a nostalgic trip. The older generations will pass on and we are supposed to handle our responsibility in different aspects.

It’s not like a decade ago when we have creative ambitions and multifaceted personalities, you have the theoretical allocation to spend our free time.

As years passed by, reality sinks in.

What you jot down on paper 10 years ago cannot fit in the present narrative.

In fact, you can’t get all things your way and the fluid aspects in the yesteryears have been narrowed what is survived with that amount of time until your demise.

To the young readers, live the best of your life and establish and maintain your principles.

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