#MondayThoughts No. 6: Too Much of A Good Thing

It’s six months to (and from) Christmas but that’s not on my mind right now; my mindset is heading towards the future in personal cyberspace.

Don’t get me started!

I woke up past midnight, not just of the wee hour thunderstorms but the aftereffect of the pressure to heed their excessive demands and do that things necessary from the previous day’s happenings.

In the past week, few ideas are on my pending list on what to write by next month and I set up the poll to compete with others.

After reaching the quota, I thought to myself that this too broad to research and possibly, my supporters are too moronic like the Reddit filter. Thus, that issue did not matter to me… until yesterday, when regionally produced programs ceased production, I decided to give it a go.

The express post will be up Tuesday, along with the media midyear report on Thursday.

By the end of this month, my main media blog will have six posts… double than my expectations.

Next month, I expected four posts — with two reserved beforehand. The national holidays post will be expected at least by the latter part of the month; the survey that I made in April will be closed once the pronouncements from the Palace is disclosed.

In addition, there’s a Turkish drama arriving in our country but I think it’ll be too late to publish; I feel regretful to the requester and to myself, since others can’t publish due to his preferential taste. Maybe it will be part of the annual, traditional Year in Review come December.

Maybe I should’ve hear someone’s request than give in to the popular pressure, the same motive that I should’ve think twice than scheduled blog posts back in 2016 but then, the numbers and blogging performance will be sacrificed.

But then, I don’t give a D until like in 2020.

I’m getting time-strapped. Timow out.

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