#MondayThoughts No. 7: Everyone’s a little bit “BIASED”

We know what you’re thinking; this Monday Thought is nothing different and nothing to be shocked about as you heard them screaming and defending their beloved government official, even if he does something wrong most of the time. (Stockholm syndrome much?)

Recently, a Facebook user in a group I manned called out the bias of From The Tube, the media blog I was inspired to set up my blog. I already enlisted the mechanism on the first MT.

In a rational sense, one should keep his comments for himself unless necessary and constructive but that doesn’t matter at this time anymore.

For him, I couldn’t blame him and understood him, though I struggled to fought back and dare attacking me. However, this is not a solitary case; before him, a notorious writer from an anime blog site spoke out over another media blog for appending politically-motivated agenda.

Then, I could imagine if everyone would drink a truth serum and start calling out like someone trashtalking after getting owned in DOTA in a typical internet cafe. Bear in mind, the following is a fantasy conversation not a real thing that I overheard.

Assume that scene was like the end of Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do music video. You get the picture.

*posts a blog post detailing the incident or an upcoming transaction, but someone perceived an implied favoritism to ABS-CBN or discriminating GMA*

Loyal Kapuso: “Bayaran!”

Author: “Why? What’s your problem?”

Loyal Kapuso: *justifies everything non-sequitur*

Smarter-than-thou commenter: What perplexed is only a few like you. Only the core matters!

Arrogant ka-DDS: I defend the commenter but I care less about your networks because I watch PTV or CNN Philippines.

Non-PTV Viewer: Oh sure, Care to explain over the mainland Chinese programming this August?

Loyal PTV Viewer or President’s Loyalist: *defends justification for the President’s media men over that offer*

Non-PTV: Wow ha! Even if it flouts the spirit of your Network’s charter? Sheeple!

Public TV advocate: Imagine my shock, PTV’s programming policy is —-!

Graphic designer-cum-Netflix addict: All your networks stink, thankfully I binge on Netflix… (All stares)

TV5 FAN: …but did you watch Amo?

Graphic designer: No! Now, can you please let me out of this fantasy narrative?

The rest: SHUT UP!

In this toxic era, no one is immune with the never-ending tribalism.

Timow out.

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