The Culture of Violence is Already Normalized


That is the adjective described over yesterday’s course of events from the assassination of a mayor in Batangas in the morning to the free-for-all brawl in the Philippine Arena that night.

However, the common ground behind that day was all about the increasing culture of violence.

Since the rise of this administration, that culture accelerated to get their own way and get away with it via spin doctors and at the same time, to equalize to avenge the adversaries who wronged us. Sometimes, their underlying opportunity during slow days and holidays has been exploited, translating to rare slow news days and incessant rolling of the rage train. It has been part of the playbook.

Did the promised change did for the better or for worse? Did it make the Philippines great again?

If you say yes, that’s your opinion or choice. If no, you’re not alone.

In fact, your mind has been shaped to spread the love of the incumbent captor as a redeemer, in addition to the association as patriotism, and spread unconditional hate to the predecessor as a plague. You have raised that way — admittedly, before your idol’s ascendance–  and you couldn’t think for yourselves anymore.

By watching him every now and then, you were trained well enough to be aggressive like him (as easy as through your eyes and ears) at the expense of others’ dignity, which may make you regret sooner but it’s too late now if you utter it.

You have already normalized an adverse, peeved attitude!

Rizal’s famous quote in El Filibusterismo about the vicious cycle of “slaves of today becoming tyrants to tomorrow and whosoever submits to tyranny loves it” naturally described ourselves what we really are, beating a century before the definition and coining of the term “Stockholm syndrome”.

Maybe, the college students who read this post might strike an idea for a thesis.

Unless some of you had read this, we should realize that we carved our society in our own image through this loopholed system that gives way for a free-for-all.

Why should you be shocked by the outcome that you infectiously made that pave the way of the post-moral, post-Constitutional, post-legal, post-truth era?

Stop giving sad reactions; you are also part of this havoc (if not for calling kapalmuks).

We are undoubtedly guilty for such unrepentance and we reap what they sow, even if we didn’t elect the leaders we deserve and after his term ends.

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