#MondayThoughts No. 8: Adversaries

For the past week, I may have picked a brawl from a smarter-than-thou admin from a specific group after tagging and sounding an alarming concern over the overtime issue just like Gilas vs Boomers in the home turf.

I have lost the debate and might have lost side on the solitary issue due to pride.

Nonetheless, we all have adversaries. It’s like Tom and Jerry, Jekyll and Hyde or even Bart Simpson and Principal Skinner.

In history and every now and then, we will always have adversaries where conquered party triumphs but in a point in time, they will fall.

I may have been a popular in a small group and of course, adversaries (either clueless or smarter-than-thous) are there to pin down. But I know I have friends to give advice.

Do you have an adversary in your life?

Timow out.

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