#MondayThoughts No. 10: Why I Will NOT Watch This Year’s SONA?

For the first time in weeks, I made my mind straight for this.

And yes, you heard me, I won’t watch this year’s SONA.


First, I cannot distinguish SONA from his daily speeches. I expected that this mandatory megillah will be filled with ad libs, antics and alibis that are not appropriate for the venue.

He boasts that he can deliver within 30-35 minutes, factoring out audience reactions. I don’t buy it.

Like all his live speaking engagements, there will be corresponding clueless members laughing and cheering — except Ilonggos.

Ambassadors would likely be stunned with his antics from their interpreters but it shouldn’t be anymore. Well, except China’s.

Poor them, not even in those in the sign language window.

With that, Batasang Pambansa is already a stage in Zirkoh, Klownz or Broadway Centrum. Beat that, Senate Pepsident Tito Sotto!

Talk about being the Greatest Showman, a bad one that is or being Thanos with all the Infinity Stones in your gauntlet.

Second, I don’t expect any accomplishments or agenda to be bannered — save the BBL, ConCom draft to amend and the 2019 budget. You know why the fact checkers’ radars are undetected over him for his all-time rant.

Here are some of them that transpired from last year to now that he won’t tackle:

  • Marawi was declared liberated last October after five months of the skirmish. This means martial law in Mindanao should have been lifted but no. Sure, Martial Law in Mindanao might have saved and prevented future terrorists. However, did it improve the general lives of civilians? Did it reduce criminality there at a significant rate? About the true victims, did you send the bakwit home and retrieve their useful scrap?
  • The economy. How is the stock market going? It went over 9,000 at its peak but right now, it’s almost 7,400 (as of Friday). In addition, how about the TRAIN Law and its effects? You execute the excise tax on gases at the wrong time: when VAT in the Gulf was introduced and an even weaker peso-dollar exchange rate as we bought oil. Last June, it recorded a 5.2% inflation rate — far more than your economic managers’ estimates and the economy is said: “in the doldrums.” Lucidly, he was right but spinmaster spokesperson Harry Roque’s justification-cum-clarification is wrong. In fact, he is supposed to enhance the confidence and to convince investors with sincerity. He lacks that quality; it’s no wonder they will choose Vietnam as a new investment destination in ASEAN.
  • Boracay. You give them time to rehabilitate but then you don’t have a plan at the expense of other’s livelihood. Well, did you know that the family of your DPWH secretary destroyed a mountain for their condo?
  • Whiff of corruption. Really? Care to explain that to the Bureau of Customs’ 6.4 billion peso shipment, PCOO’s 700% budget increase and Wanda Teo. To be honest, he’s an environmentalist, indeed; he reduces, reuse and recycles… old and tainted appointees.
  • What about your promises? The Commission on Audit is raising red flags over it. Oh wait, he doesn’t care about it at all. Who’s incompetent?

Plus, how is the international relations? Are you still sucking up to China? The fishermen in Zambales are already losers in this game of idleness and you exchange their catch for a cheaper exchange. Instead of improving their lives by doing your job to protect the territories, you simply spit at them.

Third, the cinematography from Joyce Bernal will make us impress that he made the Philippines great as he is the Father of the Country (again, I refute it). Well guess what, it WILL NOT! It will be just like a typical MMFF entry, luring in the mindless audience but lack of substance.

In a nutshell, what do you really expect for him if he already humiliated and arrested De Lima and recently on ex-CJ Sereno by a flouting loophole for making their conscionable decisions according to the spirit of the law and common sense?

Soon or right now, the Vice President is on the crosshairs.

Why are you sad or shocked with the running or imminent outcome?

Wala na finish na! Ang kapal ng mga mukha ninyo! Suck it, you subservient scumbags! You all truly deserve it, kasi.

You signed that contract without reading the fine print on and now, you can’t refund with it anymore because you were convinced with this hard sell. Ayan, you don’t think and you got what you asked for.

Collective guilt is not the best way but I had no choice but to invoke such a thing for a unified crime of perfidy. I’m sure you remain impenitent from this because you defend him without question.

I hope Araling Panlipunan teachers will stop giving students reaction paper, no what they had expected and hope for in light of this.

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