Sine over SONA

Instead of watching SONA this year, due to fears of any profanity and attacks, which unexpectedly never happened but the Malice in the Plenary over the speakership, my mom, my sister and I watched Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (dir. Ol Parker) during that period.

This is not my mom’s original choice. She wanted local films, in this case, Star Cinema’s I Love You, Hater (dir. Giselle Andres) starring Joshua Garcia, Julia Barreto and Kris Aquino.

To be honest, I denounce such types of films for sticking to a tried-and-tested model of cinematography and story telling.

This is why our local cinema rots to the core; they don’t take a risk and they don’t make people think.

Although this year, few worthy Filipino films are and will be released commercially: Citizen Jake (dir. Mike de Leon), by next week, BuyBust (dir. Erik Matti) and by next month, Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral (dir. Jerrold Tarog).

In the end, my choice ended up being a better option. The film was worth nostalgic of my parents’ taste in music if only my dad was present to tune in to the songs but he couldn’t go out.


In other words, that opportunity paid us off to spend more time with my family from reducing further synapses that form individuals’ common sense from complete insincerity of a person that we and 100 million of us have to live with for less than four years.

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