#MondayThoughts No. 12: Recovering from Rabies

Last Friday early morning, I tried to get my mother’s laptop to finish encoding the exams but then I was shocked when our 7-year-old hybrid dog of a Shih Tzu and Japanese Spitz.

He responded in retaliation and bit me so big on my right thigh and with minor pains on my right middle finger and my right hip.

The night prior, he slept on her room underneath the bed and I decided to sleep in my room.

Luckily, the dog had an anti-rabies vaccine and unfortunately, I don’t — not even a tetanus shot. Thus, we went over a health unit and got a shot on each shoulder. Later in the afternoon, I was sent to Bacolor with three shots — one in the right arm for a skin test and two for the real thing in the affected area.

The real thing was excruciating — the vaccine contained 14 mL, the largest intake ever. I calculated that for every 5 kg of body weight per mL.

Overall, I was injected five times and currently taking my antibiotics twice a day to prevent the adverse spread of any formidable disease until this Friday morning.

Later today, I will be injected for the second phase and this coming Friday for the last phase.

Timow out.


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