#MondayThoughts No. 13: International Lefthanders Day

IT’S ANOTHER MONDAY but this is no ordinary Monday because it is a special day for me and the 10% of the world’s population. It is International Lefthanders Day.

Such dexterity is said to be high achievers, more skillful and more creative, which happened to be mostly true in my character.

We have famous lefties ranging from real life like former US President Barack Obama to fictitious like Ned Flanders of The Simpsons.

Here, I would like to tell my struggling narrative.

During the first year of high school in 2006, I have to adapt ourselves to armchairs from small chairs and tables. At first, I sat on the right-handed armchair but because of the unease, the school generously made armchairs specifically designed for such minority.

When I transferred to another school from second-year high school until its graduation, it was unfortunate that no left-handed armchairs were made and I had no choice but to adjust in a conformity.

In college, I barely use an armchair as we mostly sit on individual chairs and desks but during those armchair moments, it’s just like the majority of high school days.

During review school stint in 2015, there are alternating left- and right-hand armchairs in a room but since it must be reserved in advance, my reserved armchair was for the right-handed armchair but in case there is a nearest, available left-hand armchair, I could have moved there.

That’s how I harness how my left-handedness but we hope the policymakers will heed to solve everyday challenges regarding the dexterity.

Timow out.

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