#MondayThoughts No. 17: Bad Planning, Good Opportunity

Before I begin this Monday Thought, I am fine after Super Typhoon Ompong (Mangkhut) battered the northern part of the country; I’m in Central Luzon, so it’s just winds and floods.

On that related note, during the past Monday before watching Goyo, the planned swimming in Antipolo for my uncle’s arrival and birthday (yesterday) would be cancelled due to a supertyphoon. They say they would be rescheduled but he will go back to Brunei (?) on Wednesday.

I knew beforehard that it will be a bad idea since September is on a rainy season plus the access to the city on a hill is tricky. In addition, it would be a distraction as there is much work to be done.

Nonetheless, I read dad’s conversation on Facebook group chat on his family but I should not accept the “alarmist” message easily unless proven and double-checked with verifiable sources.

When I checked the supertyphoon after the movie, he was right. It would coming through us.

The following day, the typhoon battered Guam and Northern Mariana Islands. If that was the case, I said, then it should never have happened.

On Thursday to Saturday, when classes were suspended in my locality. Despite the heavy work, there was a good opportunity to finish the midterm questions for my mom. It contained 5 subjects, which is too much.

Yesterday, the supposed day to be in Antipolo, was my mom’s birthday. Ompong was already out of the Philippine Area of Responsibility and it was just a completely cloudy day.

Last night, my dad came home from his brother’s homecoming in my late grandma’s house in Sampaloc. The place I feel that I won’t come back again after her demise last year.

The moral lesson: Why plan when there is an unfavorable condition?

Timow out.

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