#MondayThoughts No. 20: Self-Control, The Second Killed Virtue after Civility

Virtues keeps on changing and/or abandoned with the times, don’t they?

With short attention spans, technological advances and higher demands, it seems the moral compass shifted awry and broke easily.

We already killed civility and respect, due to the rise of geopolitcal populist-nationalism demagoguery. We have been influenced by our leaders we elected. This year, the next virtue under threat is possibly self-control.

If you’re still spiritual or religious, like patience, self-control is another fruit of the Holy Spirit.

There are so many examples on how self-control no longer matters:

  • This month is a major beer month — Oktoberfest. You’ve heard this disclaimer on the media after airing such advertisements to “drink responsibly.” Formerly it’s “drink moderately.” We presume the magnitude and delineation of moderation is because our bodies vary in shape and size and metabolism is changing over time. But then, we expect news of accidents due to drunk driving.
  • Since February, a live daily noontime show ended up until merienda time and other shows that follow get affected in a domino effect due to a famous personality’s monopolizing control over the microphone. It may have increased revenue for the network but at what cost? The people in the news department and regional groups and teleserye production would be irritated. In the end, their electronic program guide’s function for their own digitally-encrypted black box is just worthless.
  • The most real-life situation will be this Thursday (October 11). That day commences the week of filing of certificates of candidacy in all elected positions (from municipal to Senatorial level) for next year’s (and possibly last) midterm elections. However, we are certain that from October 18 to February 11, that window of time is an exploitable opportunity for public figures to air their advertisements and greetings without mentioning the word “vote for” and the position, not to mention they would add a life story a few Saturdays before they would go out to the journey.

Should we just concede to these and just embrace the new normal or status quo? Do you have a story to tell about the abandonment of self-restraint? I am open.

Timow out.

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