Monday Thoughts No. 21: Overthinking

Posting a Monday thought without a clear mindmap made me overthink but then the unquenchable dumpster fire made by the sitting administration — the political agony that sacrifices patience, civility and self-restraint — holds us back, even on the fiesta in COMELEC (no matter how hard they even appease) as the certificate of candidacy filing continues today until Wednesday.

This week is the last week before the public school’s semestral break, which means the the quarterly examinations are going to be administered. I know students have the tendency to overthink as the requirements to subjects are due.

We wish we were octopuses — benevolent ones, not abusive ones — were our hands can manage our affairs efficiently and employ lots of neurons (five times more than humans) so we can think lot more over this dumpster fire.

But sadly, we can’t live underwater.

Timow out.

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