#MondayThoughts No. 22: 12 Days of Adulting?

Beginning tomorrow night, my Mom will depart from Manila to California to be with her sisters. She won’t be here on All Saints’ Day but at her time in San Francisco, it’ll be Halloween and I could imagine if Tita’s house would be greeted with trick-or-treaters.

It will last for 12 days, being in charge of the house with my dad and my older brother.

For the days leading up to tomorrow, I set my alarm 9 minutes earlier to 3:00 a.m. This has something to do with my older brother (a special child) whose body clock begins at dawn. I have to oversee him, even though I agitated for eating breakfast three times. (I did up to twice.)

We might resort to eat canned goods… or rather on meal preparation, although I know how to cook on the rice cooker since my youngest sister has a first job (night shift). In addition, this Saturday will be her last in school to attain units ready for teaching.

Without mom, me and my sister will visit to the cemetery on the maternal side on November 2 — the actual celebration of All Souls’ Day where Filipinos made a mistake unless you are from Angono, Rizal.

Plus, I have some work to do for the second semester subjects offered for senior high school yet I worry over not crafting the final examinations on the first semester for college which she was dead tired due to irreconcilable differences

I really need to get to shape up some adulting skills and I’m 24. Where should I start?

Timow out.


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