#MondayThoughts No. 23: Thunderstorms and Undas

A thunderstorm is perhaps a fitting yet archetypal scene for this Halloween/All Saints’ week… but not with rain and howling wind.

On the evening of All Saints’ Day 2011, my family and I went to the cemetery. While we prayed the rosary, it rained quickly and the gust of wind tumbled candles and were forced to go to the nearest viewing building. We decided to go home afterward as no one wants to smell mud.

There was no typhoon entering the country and it was not normal. Because of that situation, I learned hard on going to the cemetery during Undas every year: always check the weather conditions.

This week, Typhoon Rosita (international name: Yutu) will batter Northern Luzon and the path would likely follow from Ompong (Mangkhut) that squashed agricultural produce.

Luckily, Windy.com stated that the typhoon will pass by before November begins. For the affected areas, it is automatically an extended semestral break. The second semester just began and the centralized public school calendar is really not friendly unless you’re in private school.

But with mom not coming home until Sunday, our visit to the cemetery will be between me and my sister on Friday morning which is partly cloudy with 20% chance of rain.

For those who will go out to the provinces, stay safe and take care.

Timow out.

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