#MondayThoughts No. 26: The Abandoned Playground

There was once a prosperous playground on the verdant hill where we once frolicked.

But as time marched on, we abandoned it due as the equipment were rusty and unsafe to play.

I persistently visited the hill — rain or shine — every passing year.

Since then, it was barely improved — it’s a former shell of itself. I try to go back to check on improvements but to no avail, it remained at the very same place.

As time went on, the custodian kept changing but they kept took care of it as they have to give consent from their superiors.

One moment, the sky went instantly grey. I thought to myself that it was joyous to sing in the rain as I brought my umbrella.

Suddenly, it rained red and heavy; it scorched my skin. But you think it’ll subside, a howling wind whispered me to concede and then, I was electrocuted by lightning.

I was laid unconscious. I died.

When they discovered my pungent corpse few days after, they remembered my actions — positive or negative, light or serious. Deep inside, they don’t understand me.

When they looked the sorry state of the playground, the memories were still fresh.

Soon, the playground kept improving externally but the function and the spirit that was abandoned for years cannot be replaced.

The playground defenders debated heavily on every parameter.

So many pitched constructive, attainable and realistic suggestions yet would its current custodian have the sheer will to stand up and to end the ages of subservience?

We don’t know. Wait for the next chapter, they say.

Timow out.

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