#MondayThoughts No. 29: 10 Years of Cybercitizenship (Part I)

I’m on the second to the last of the Monday Thoughts for 2018.

How would I spend the last two before I’ll rest for the holidays. Oh I know, recounting the history of my cybercitizenship.

It will be my 10th anniversary this month where the day I set up my serious, personal YouTube channel — motzPHaragas. Well, on the 21st, to be exact.

Although I had Friendster before that, I considered that to be the founding stone of where I am. Believe me, it was full of cringe videos on that channel I made during my final years in high school and early years in college.

I thought to myself I could be a YouTuber — which is a radical concept at that time — but then, it’s not worth and compatable in such as schedule, unlike doing so now.

Back then, you can use your username and password but now, you need a GMail account to enter.

However, the mindset in YouTube shifted from user-generated entertainment when I subscribed to educational videos from CGP Grey and then Kurzgesagt, TED Ed, Soliloquy, Real Life Lore, Half as Interesting and PolyMatter.

A year after joining YouTube, I joined Facebook and DeviantArt. I still use the former but on the latter, I had two accounts and I deactivated for being a stalker. I still have an active dA account but I barely use and upload it because triggered me bad memories.

I joined Twitter in this first half but I was not very serious at that time. On November 2012, I made a new account and I currently use it to connect with WordPress and for personal uses.

I also have a Blogger but my posts are too random and thus, are not lineated to specific limits. This ended when I searched From the Tube on WordPress. Thus, here placed the destiny.

I also have Tumblr but my purpose there is also a hodgepodge. I am not fond of what is inside, I don’t know how to code or place icons and pixels. Thus, I tied with WordPress but I barely used Tumblr.

That’s the first half of the decade on how I used some websites and the status. The second half, to be posted next week, would be on the remaining sites I’m on and the apps I used.

Timow out.