#MondayThoughts No. 31: Commitments and Efficiency

Hello, everyone. Happy New Year.

Wait, is it too late to greet about this?

Well, nope — as long as you’re in the normal mode after the passing holiday season.

As always, people try to start the year right with a clean slate. Hence, people draft some New Year’s Resolutions.

Okay, not everyone will do because some will eventually fail like last year or many years now.

If they decided to carry over this year, try to convert them into concrete and measurable goals. Try applying SMART goals — specific, measureable, achievable, relevant and time-attached.

On the first Monday Thoughts of 2019, how about I talk about two things: committment and efficiency?

Whenever you hear the term committments, you’re trying to find your soulmate — which apparently made me emotional as the past week, two of my elementary classmates were involved with separate nuptials (one as a bridesmaid and other one, a bride-now-wife).

It’s not just relationships, it can also mean your job or your passions that needs to serve two things: dedication and obligation.

This year, I have committments in cyberspace and offline as I enter the second decade:

  • On my main blog, I already announced two projects: the election series and the decade series.
  • On my Facebook page, I initiated the weekly roundup as a replacement of the rolling 4-Week Calendar.
  • Although it will last more than a year, I am trying to write a saga novel.

Another complement is efficiency.

My calendar’s committed has 15-minute increments but with a limit of two hours per day.

Primarily, my main blog serves from Tuesday to Sunday. Each week, it can store up to three committed topics in two separate days — Tuesday and Friday, Wednesday and Saturday & Thursday and Sunday.

However, if the scheduled post happened on a certain day of the week, it is complemented and the other will follow in order.

Anything that I wanted to write there will be announced one month ahead.

On those two special projects, it will still apply. The Decade series will contain each of the 10 posts a YouTube video and might require specific days of the week to work on it.

In terms of the Facebook page, I’ll try to collect them with my free time… if I had one but I keep it every Thursday.

In terms of my novel, I am trying to write on certain days of the week for each month. At least twelve days in a month is needed.

Learning from past year can serve as a basis on how to improve further on the plans you wanted to achieve for the better in the succeed years.

Sometimes, both can complement and sometimes, it can wrestle against another depending on circumstances.

Whatever that is. I really need to kick in and stick to the agenda.

Timow out.


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