#MondayThoughts No. 32: Of Love, Relationships, Real Life and Fantasies

A week ago, I mentioned on the last Monday Thought about my female elementary classmates getting involved with their respective marriages: one was the bridesmaid and the other, the bride.

I would like to make it clear that they were not of the same wedding and I’m not physically present on both (or at least one of them).

Since this Monday Thought falls exactly one month before Valentines’ Day.

Let me put on my head about love and relationships.

What is love? Few would have listened to that 1993 Haddaway hit and bob their heads.

But before the rise of Internet memes, in our childhood, our slambook would mostly be written as “Love is blind.”

As we reached maturity and when we take our vows, we usually heard our ministers evoking Saint Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians. I remember there is a cross-stitch of a nurse and a bear patient with the sentence, “Love bears all things.”

Throughout my life, I understood that love has three Greek concepts: agape, philia and eros. The first is, of course, the religious standpoint where God is love. The second was more about loyalty to friends (brotherly love; the etymological basis of Philadelphia, a city in the US). The third is very provocative and does not further elaboration.

There is another one that is not mentioned: storge. Natural empathy by parents to offspring. This is where the aftereffect of obedience of our parents emanated.

Let’s talk about personal relations. Yep, the relationship status on Facebook should be answered seriously.

Here’s a short bio: I’m closer on the quarter century and I’m single.

Yes, I’m still a not-so-proud member of the SMV or Samahan ng Malalamig ang Valentines (Organization for Cold Valentine’s). The term “cold” in this informal club means that one doesn’t have any relationship or a date.

According to one source, being single could mean adverse problems but studies outnumbered otherwise. For some, they generally and naively pictured that they don’t have to be stressful in life.

The Truth is: that depends on you.

In my case,  there is no such thing as a less stressful life, considering my (physical and mental) health factors and my problems in extending interactions.

Regardless, commitment is the gel that really binds.

For those who have relations. I mean, real and near-proximal ones (e.g. from other sex in straight sexuality, same gender, or something I don’t know), I don’t care, good for you, congratulations. But remember what they have sacrificed.

For long-distance relationships, my comment is good luck and/or best wishes. But don’t forget the sacrifice of taking an airplane flight and possible citizenship in each other’s passport.

However, I cannot discount other’s unorthodox relationships by their fantasized OCs, your senpai from an anime, your oppa from any idolized K-pop boy bands.

I know they exist online; they’re weird and very proud of it. My reaction: *shrugs*

However, I didn’t forget that there are aromantic people (temporary and permanent) but I’ll give them a virtual hug.

Nonetheless, love is and can be found everywhere. It must be cherished whatever, whenever and wherever possible.

Best wishes in advance.

Timow out.

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