#MondayThoughts No. 33: Dreams

Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day, hence, the US Embassy is closed in Manila.

He would have turned 90 last Tuesday yet many would remember the signature speech of “I Have a Dream.”

On this Monday Thought, I thought it will be about dreams.

Usually, when we go to bed every night, they are conceived and pictured when we closed our eyes. Sometimes, they are just fantasies and sometimes, they are based on what one has seen throughout the day.

However, it can be done during daylight when we are bored in lectures or meetings. Hence, the term daydreaming.

Historically, there are many interpretations of dreams. So are religions.

Psychologists have tried to look deeper behind individual dreams, specifically the renowned Sigmund Freud. He believed that the content of our dreams is “driven by unconscious wish fulfillment.” (materialistic wants and aspirations).

The opposite of a dream is, obviously, a nightmare — where the strong, negative emotions were injected. It usually leads to uncomfortable physical causes.

So many songs mentioned dreams in titles… “Together in Electric Dreams” of the 80s, “Just Another Dream” of the 90s, “Teenage Dream” of 2010s.

Sometimes dreams do come true or would wait or won’t happen at all, depending on the circumstances.

Today is also the day the people of Muslim Mindanao will cast on their plebiscite, the dream of their better lives will hopefully bear fruit.

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