#MondayThoughts No. 36: On Official Campaigning Tomorrow

By midnight from this publication, the campaign period for national positions officially begin.

This means, the candidates will be timed on their advertisements that says “VOTE FOR,” the designated number in the ballot and “Paid for by the friends of…”

However, I am not surprised with the days leading to tomorrow were all on guestings on a weekday morning talk show.

Last Saturday, the penultimate before the campaign period, both weekly drama anthologies portrayed the sensationalized life stories of two senatorial candidates who are recently in the Top 12 pre-campaign survey.

One of the networks was unforgiving. But people keep bashing the other party. They realize that it does not matter who the President is or was and what he says on the network ad infinitum?

This is, according to one’s perspective, beauty (or ugliness) on taking advantage of legal loopholes. In reality, literal interpretation matters; it does not matter on spiritual or moral implications.

I wonder, after those three years, is this present governance worth our expectations?

Did we live a comfortable life within our means? Was the sovereignty protected? Did the OFWs that supported him come home and secure their jobs? Was the anti-corruption drive effective?

Those questions should be generated on the minds of the people, which are now preoccupied with the socio-civic exercise that happens every three years.

If they still go with the abusive shepherd, I’m not surprised that others would call us “unprincipled” and “cowards.”

Pray tell, is it too hard to be called out for a spade for a spade?

Timow out.

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