#MondayThoughts No. 40: Quo Vadis, Vernum?

On March 21, the spring equinox will balance the hours of day and night and will mark the gradual lengthening of daylight. Astronomically, the sun will be overhead in the equator before it pushes slowly northwards toward the Tropic of Cancer.

Climatically, when we think of spring (in the standpoint of temperate zone), we think about flowers and planting some seeds of fruits and vegetables. Nowadays, snowstorms and summertime temperatures in April seems to be a norm in the United States and those scenes are either shifted early as some groundhogs predicted last February or it does not anymore exist.

In my place (in the tropics), it will mark the dry season. Schools will be out for the vacation except those that begin in August. Baguio will be crowded and so the reopened Boracay and the poor will head to Manila Bay despite the ongoing cleanup.

This year, it will be intensive.

In other words, expect the water demand to outstrip its evaporating and/or depleting supply. And that happened within the last week with the water shortage brouhaha over the Metro and sporadic, dry-spelled areas in the provinces, topping all the problems in the country where its governance is well-known for evading and fabricating.


Timow out.

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