#MondayThoughts No. 41: Two Math Concepts

I know that Pi Day was days behind but as my favorite subject is Math, I would like to share this Monday Thought on the two concepts that I had in mind: factors (which I learned back at school) and logistic function (which I learned from the Internet last week) and how would it apply on my mind right now.

First, the factors in division make up a composite number. For example, the factors of 20 (other than 1 and the number itself) are 2, 4, 5 and 10.

In the present application, I have a balance of test questions that needs to be encoded and to be printed for the final examinations in a college due in a week and a half. However, the schedule is overshadowed by the end of the school year commitments.

Secondly, the logistic function is where a function approaches the maximum value of the curve. It is used to determine probability of passing or failing or the peak population of a place.

Presently, I am tinkering randomly in different calculated situations: how many hours of broadcasting could be exerted for a resurgent TV network this year? What would be the maximum cumulative number of blog posts before I call it quits? What will be the peak population of my home town and which of them is on the overshoot?

What do they have in common in our lives with the two mathematical concepts I shared to you right now?

Everything that we will be doing has its own limits, despite our infinite possibilities.

On the first concept, we are trying to balance and exert certain things out with the limited amount of time (deadline).

On the second concept, as time passes by, we are pushing our last efforts on our own passions and interest before it flattens out (i.e. retire from it entirely).

That being said, we always keep on trying better whatever we can.

Timow out.

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