#MondayThoughts No. 42: What is a Zeitgeist?

This is not an April Fool’s joke.

Just earlier today, Japan has just announced earler the new era that will take effect in one month — REIWA (令the f和).

Using Google Translate, the first kanji means “decree, command or dictation” while the second stands for “sum, harmony, peace, contentment.” Thus, the era may be translated as “order and harmony.”

Like its predecessors such as Heisei and Showa, the era is sacred and contains significant zeitgeist of their country. It’s no wonder why some tokusatsu fans love to look foward with this news, speculate and tinker before the main company could release their official designs.

But then, what is a zeitgeist?

It’s a German term meaning “spirit of the time.” It is an invisible agent or force that dominate a specific epoch in the world’s history (and its parts).

Converting it into the tangible, this could be found on the culture, the music, the fashion, architecture, the lifestyles and the objects. In the intangible, it could mean the ways of leadership and business management.

That is also the term for the Year in Review of Google until 2013. The following year, I used that term for my year in review (shortened as ZG) for the media blog.

Come next month, we will join our hands with our Japanese friends in welcoming their new Emperor and their new chapter in the land of the rising sun.


Timow out.


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