#MondayThoughts No. 43: Shazam! and On Trying Hard to Be At Par with the Superhero Universe

WARNING: May contain spoilers.

I watched Shazam! (Sanberg, 2019) from DC Extended Universe this early afternoon. In case you don’t know, it is based on Captain Marvel of the DC Comics — not to be confushed with the Marvel Comics’ that was exhibited last month.

In this live action film, Asher Angel (adult: Zachary Levi) portrays Billy Batson and the amateurish lead character in Philadelphia. Mark Strong portrays the nemesis, Thaddaeus Sivana, where he unleashed the Seven Deadly Sins. Djimon Hounsou plays the ancient wizard Shazam.

As Batson acclaims the powers from the wizard, he tries to learn his full extent of his powers but as he becomes a viral sensation, he abandons school to entertain people on the street.

The most striking part is when the foster kids become heroes in defeating the Sins in the Winter Carnival.

With 91% approval according to Rotten Tomatoes, it is indeed a would recommend especially if it’s a holiday tomorrow.

One thing I could ask is why does this film have to be released in April while the setting happens to be in December? Shouldn’t that be placed on that month or on January right here?


Speaking of superheroes universe, everyone was shocked that Liza Soberano has just withdrawn to play Darna.

The hype lasting about 2 years and still stalling. We already changed a leading actress and a director.

Die-hard fans of ABS-CBN’s female talents are not giving up. But for me, this is getting nowhere not because of being a fence sitter to any individual to show some prowess but they cannot accept the harsh truth: WE ARE NOT FULLY PREPARED to be a local counterpart of DC or Marvel’s Cinematic Universes.

As we are on the completion of the first century of Philippine cinema, this is how it ends up: degrading and humiliating.

Let’s face it, I can’t blame anyone for associating Star Cinema with pa-tweetums or pa-ulit-ulit na romcom story arc. Before I get bashed, I know Eerie (a horror film) is still airing but sorry, I have no plans to watch that.

If the rights of Mars Ravelo purchased were depleted or depreciated without any return to recuperate, ABS-CBN should prepare to accept a big, bruising blackeye over this endeavor. Even if it happen before the biggest challenge that we should not need further explanation on next year.

Timow out.

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