#MondayThoughts No. 44: The Metaphorical Calvary and the Metaphorical Crowd

Game of Thrones has just premiered their final season but I don’t have cable, thus I am free from sharing my spoilers. Anyway, this is not the point of this Monday Thought.

Holy Week has just begun and today is Holy Monday.

Here comes the retelling of the Passion narrative and the details of personas in play — in sung form, amplified — and how the morals applies in the modern-day state.

Throughout the past week, there was a rotating brownout over Luzon. Even in my place for two separate days.

For us, we call it penitensya or agony, just like Jesus over the brunt on the cross. And then, the news heralded the downtime of online services of a bank and over a telecom.

But that already added insult over injury for the people who queued in for water in Metro Manila.

Ours is just worse, with a sweltering heat despite that it’s raining right now.

One penny for a thought, yesterday (Palm Sunday), we shouted Hosanna to the Messiah but in a few days, they demand the release of Barabbas and put Him to death.

Sounds familiar?

We voted for someone for a better tomorrow (free from corruption, free from sovereign hegemony, free from misogyny) but in a short time, we will reinstate plunderer(s) and old-timers with significantly tarnished track record while punishing the good candidates.

We demanded that our country deserve better but what did we do?

While we are religious (at this specific point of time), we aren’t holding to the principles in our daily life. Well, we could all be labeled as “perfidious.”

At this appropriate time, maybe we should need a bigger confession box to utter out our common gravest sins.

Timow out.

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