#MondayThoughts 45: Angle

How did I spend my vacation? I stayed at home to conduct myself for the activities and I had to be off last Friday.

Anyway, this is the 45th Monday Thought and I would like to talk about angle. (Awfully, it is halfway between a straight line and a right angle.)

How one can define an angle?

It comes in any definitions, depending on profession or interest — in math, the tilt of a line, in videography, it is the tilt of the camera. In journalism, a tilt of a story.

But then everyone has an angle on a well-embedded discussion and we snoop on famous people’s views in a populist world order and a very volatile attention span.

Everyone has its own story, its biases, its interests that anyone can amplify and made you grind your teeth. Sometimes, it can be annoying that you want to shout it out if you can’t ignore them for a long time.

What do you think? Will the angle keep on changing? Who knows.

Timow out.

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