#MondayThoughts No. 46: The Endgame (not the Movie)

I or we, rather, are advised not to spoil the movie. Especially to one small cable company in Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte, I hope it is time to face your “endgame.”

Thus, no review would be rendered.

Anyway, endgame as defined by Google search is “the final stage of a game such as chess or bridge, when few pieces or cards remain.”

This is the final battle, the final countdown which will make or break.

When your pieces or options are impractical to fight back or to implement, it’s what a news report meme once said back in 2015: “Wala na, finish na.”

In exactly two weeks, this midterm election will be considered the endgame of our political sphere from our own “Infinity War.”

Candidates are now putting their strategies of the last days of the campaign.

Come the day of our endgame, May 13, it would mark either the seriousness of checks and balances within the legislature or the end of the effectivity of the present constitution because it will be replaced with the federal constitution (in which, the term “midterm elections” will be a thing of the past).

The choice is yours. Whatever it takes.

Timow out.

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