(Belated) #MondayThoughts No. 48: Self-Imprisoned

A new day but I don’t feel any good but I keep a smile in disguise. I was not surprised over the surroundings but I was shocked that it was not expected.

I keep questioning every day for the next few years.

Why do you love being imprisoned in the captor’s masochism?

Why do you love to be forgetful at the expense of others?

Why do you have to be too soft and too forgiving? Why did you concretized them into a pavement full of blood that still yearns?

Why do you love to sacrifice integrity and loyalty that your parents and teachers taught you as you join the fray? Did you wear a red hat and/or make a gesture that makes you feel good?

Why did you call me an elitist or a crab but deep inside, your instincts are permanently gangrene? If I am not here anymore, will you dare stop and think for yourself of what you have done?

You already made up your minds. You are an accomplice. You already made a prison for yourself to incarcerate. You deliberately extinguished the flame that it would never re-lit again.

Our collective time transpires, sweeps away, all in waste, never come back… never at all, gone forever…

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