Timow’s Film Review: Quezon’s Game

[WARNING: This contains spoilers.]

After a week delay, my dad and I watched Quezon’s Game (2018, Matthew Rosen) in SM Pampanga before it will pull out on Wednesday.


  • Raymond Bagatsing as Pres. Manuel Quezon
  • Rachel Alejandro as First Lady Aurora Quezon
  • David Bianco as  High Commissioner Paul V. McNutt
  • James Paoleli as Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Billy Ray Gallion as Alex Frieder


During the game of poker with his friends, President Manuel L. Quezon is trying to take the risk in saving refugee Jews from Hitler’s reign in Nazi Germany while struggling with relapse of tuberculosis.


While given a warning for the sake of artistic license, the historical setting was hit for being “lazy” and guessed that they were mostly, if not all, shot in Las Casas Filipinas in Bataan.

As we celebrate 100 years of Philippine cinema this year, this film is not much publicized, unlike Heneral Luna and Goyo, even though they won some minor international accolades.

Unsurprisingly, the masses cannot understand the film due to the “nosebleeding” language. I can judge it by the seats and my dad sleeping throughout the film.

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