Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Well, not us.

Yesterday night, my mom, my sister and I went to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, which is ongoing and round-the-clock since July 12, at LausGroup Event Centre (LGEC).

This event already happened in March back in Manila and going north was the best thing they have ever done in order to reach out to potential book lovers.

This is the first time I entered LGEC since it was formally opened in 2017. It has been a place for graduations, trade events and even a funeral for its namesake chairperson, Levy P. Laus, last April.

Upon entry, you will see the non-fiction section and some local publishers but going inside the Event Centre and you (a bibliophile) will feel like you’re in heaven with a variety of genres: from young adult, thrillers, graphic novels, religious and for kids.

The discounts in these books range from 50 to 90%. After checkout, there are the statement and witty pins but I don’t buy those.

For two hours, we bought eight books with I being the most with four, followed by my sister with three and my mom with one. Although, I am not the biggest spender (I spent P 500); that goes to my sister (with P 10 more).

This is a rare moment that we have to seize because my sister will leave home come August to Manila and that means she will take her own books.

Here are the books that I bought yesterday:

  • Unhinged (2018, Omarosa Manigault): The only non-fiction, a tell-all book detailing her friendship with US President Donald Trump. As of this publication time, I am reading this.
  • Sting of the Drone (2014, Richard A. Clarke): A thriller regarding modern warfare technology.
  • Age of Misrule: World’s End (originally published in 1999, Mark Chadbourn): A fantasy novel.
  • Paris Match (2014, Stuart Woods): Part of the Stone Barrington series.

All but Unhinged cost P 90 each, which falls on the assorted category while the exception costs P 230.

After purchasing the books, we ate at Pancake House but we did not order its signature food that lives upon its name.

For those who want books, you have until tomorrow (July 22) to seize that opportunity.

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