Article Requests Policy

In 2017, the By Popular Request (BPR) policy took effect and as of October 17, it received 13 article requests through various means. Of them, eight (8) are deemed generic with five granted (62.5%) and five (5) deemed specific with four (4) put into action (80%).

Such mechanism reached Timow’s Turf more than 21,194 views (as of the same date) – the best views than any other years.

We have pondered and formulated a better policy that will take it up ahead.

Permitted Places to Request

The following places are article requests permitted:

  • This blog’s comment section
  • This Facebook page‘s Visitor Posts, Messages or Comment Box

Beginning in 2018, a linked Facebook group called, the Timow’s Turf Tambayan, will allow anyone to request. As long as you do not send requests through the personal account.

Popular Request Mechanism

A requester (i.e. you) can ask up to three topics — regardless if it’s mixed or not. Then, it will be classified according to substance and urgency.

If the topic is generic and non-urgent (due beyond 7 days), it will be on the waiting list. If it reached up to three topics, the decision will be laid to the Tambayan to vote upon. Should there be at least four (4) members in favor of a certain topic, it will be placed in the calendar and will be notified.

The process will be dictated by the flowchart below.

Flowchart of Article Requests

Expect the slots to run out or delay due to following circumstances:

  • Complicated topics requiring more than one part of posting.
  • Unexpected and even more urgent topics.
  • Delegation of any member of the Tambayan to write over the said topic.

This new policy will take effect on January 2, 2018.