Timow’s Turf Midyear Report 2017 (Part 2)

WE ARE OFFICIALLY in the midpoint of 2017 and for the past six months, the Philippine media landscape changed faster than anyone could have guessed.

Here on Timow’s Turf, we will focus on the moments that transpired the first half of the year. Welcome to

Welcome to the Turf’s Midyear Report 2017.

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State of the Philippine Television Address 2016

(Note: This address serves both as part of the 63rd anniversary of Philippine television and as a thank you post for reaching 50,000 hits last Tuesday.)


Timow’s Turf was made for insights on Philippine television programming whatever possible as a complement to other bloggers. Lately this year, I made some changes for a more comprehensive thinking and sentiments — that’s why I posted roughly every two weeks with thousands of words.

Moving right along, I am addressing today to untangle the perennial complicated cesspool that indoctrinated us to follow the false dilemma fallacy and senseless and triumphant fanaticism that contributed the endless decades-long competitive hostility.

Such symptoms do not only happen right now in our Government — particularly, under the new administration — but it happened since time immemorial in this different field. In short, the state of Philippine television is adverse.

Words cannot be said kung bakit sinasabi ko na “adverse.” Maraming reklamo at may karapat na tugon. I can enumerate some of them.

Noong Abril, nalipat ang Family Feud sa Dos at ang host ay si Luis Manzano. Maganda nga sana pero puro celebrities ang naglalaro unlike those in then ABC-5 and GMA. Sa mga gustong sumabak sa Family Feud, tough luck. Hanggang audience ka na lang. This is not new for young Manzano’s game show hosting; remember Deal or No Deal and Minute to Win It? Usually celebrities ang contestant at nananalo. Are you treating us as mere pawns? Are you stereotypical that ordinary Filipinos are mismanaged with finances after receiving cash prizes? I hate neither the player nor the game; I hate the treatment. Mahiya ka naman, hindi na ka-level sa tatay niya (Edu) noon bilang host sa Pilipinas Game KNB kapalit ni Kris Aquino.

With that, we will NEVER have the chance to have our own franchise of Jeopardy. May intelligentsia pero hindi condescending dito sa mundo pero sad to say, lumalaganap dito ang herd mentality on smart-shaming.

Last month, nagtaas ng kilay ang mga netizens at si Stephen Amell na bida sa Arrow over Alyas Robin Hood sa GMA before the premiere. Character similarities, props (especially a toy water gun for flamethrower) and computerized effects proved us for a call of reformation in the entertainment division and programming. We are sick of carbon-copy concepts and relying old guns for them and at the same time, excessive cliché and banking tandems in a relatively same genre and story arc model for another.

8List is good on this enumeration and few bloggers have been spoken especially For the Love of Pop who has a frank hope to improve but would Ma. Lourdes Santos (COO, Star Creatives) and Lilybeth Rasonable ever listened to us or kept us dumb down?

Getting it real, our South Triangle-based entities disregarded our better ideas for their original catering audience, the masa, with their marginal mindset — an economic adjective that defines their short-term thinking, shallow reflection, temporary satisfaction and no penchant for patience.

They tend to disregard the trend of the burgeoning millennials’ taste in programming and listened only to themselves and the masses. Though, I can forgive ABS-CBN with certain conditions. Yung mga millennials na may laptop, pwedeng panoorin watch Netflix o via torrent containing new and existing U.S. shows and chill.

Nasobra na tayo sa teleserye mula late morning hanggang gabi, every weekday. May proposal naman ako na for new soaps after approving the pitch: reduce teleserye airings from weeknight basis to two days gradually. Afternoon soaps may remain on weekly basis. Friday nights will be dedicated for more specials and films.

Give more projects with varying genres for new ones or those who are well rested. Kamuning, take note. Maraming talents ka pero wala namang papel. Na-una ang mga matatanda kaysa sa baguhan. Ayun, walang or madalang na advertisements na galing sa inyo ang nag-endorse.

Speaking of talents, exclusive mentality is unfortunately mandatory for thespians and not at their option. Picture this, I never heard of J. Lo or any Hollywood artist signing an exclusive contract with any US television network, only the music label independent from any broadcaster’s influence. Sadly, this doesn’t apply here — kung Star Music artist ka, ABS-CBN talent ka rin hanggang magsawa ka.

Let’s set aside with the never-ending war between ABS and GMA and focus on TV5. Anyare? Tapos na ang Olympics at malapit na ang pagtatapos ng PBA season. Anyway, you’re no sacred cow to everything — well, in entertainment and in news. The former needs no explanation because on how MVP favor sports — no wonder, Coach Chot Reyes is heading his media network — and dissolved local entertainment but the latter needs an explanation.

Most of the news correspondents have been hired to the Duterte government from Martin Andanar, Cherie Mercado, and recently Mia Reyes. Aside from that, Ralph Domingo observed that you snubbed the coverage on committee hearings in both houses of Congress related to War on Drugs within a month now on AksyonTV. He questioned so hard than what News TV’s response just last week.

You just favored your News FM programs than the most important coverage and Luchi Cruz-Valdes and Gladys Lana-Lucas deserved a lot of explanation and complaints.

I heard LCV will get an Excellence in Broadcasting Award? Sa PiliPinas Debates, I can give that a yes but in management and editorial policy especially right now made me shrug in doubt.

As long I don’t want to resort more in the Big 3’s problems, I am also displeased that with this never-ending war comes neglect in the rest of VHF frequency, and I need to expose it — save CNN Philippines.

PTV is constantly unpredictable; it always has been. Pinangako ni Digong na gagawin ito into a more editorially-independent public broadcaster noong unang SONA. It’s good to hear and to identify the revenue generation but one question, though. What TV specials will the Visayas Avenue ever do aside those from government coverage?

Meanwhile, her sister IBC 13 began another amateur college basketball league called UCBL with Asian Television Content Corporation. Pero based on historical transactions with ATC, it will not last long after this inaugural season dahil sa lumolobong utang. Speaking of utang, sinabi ni PCO Sec. Martin Andanar na 956 billion pesos na sweldo ang hindi nabayaran. Tapos, anong available na pambayad: 10 milyon?

In case you don’t know,  nakabinbin na ang kapalaran ng Broadcast City: either privatize or transform into a Lumad channel. Not to mention, ililipat ang transmitter to an undisclosed location costing 150 million pesos. Apektado ang analog receivers kung nangyari. Pero nakakahiya talaga, naisip ko tuloy sa nangyari sa Hong Kong na hindi ni-renew ang franchise ng ATV dahil sa mga unsettled claims at mahinang reputasyon. Kung sana ganyan ang tularan sa KBP at NTC, OK na ako diyan but then again, our administration barely cared about economics and competition.

Dito sa UHF, may sari-sariling specialization for certain niche of audience. But one of them is just giving us empty promises and vain hope, especially on Channel 35. He promised for a relaunch pero walang alam kung kailan. Ilang taon na tayo ang hihintayin bago talagang mangyari? Hihintayin ba tayo na terminated na ang analog television dito come 2020? If so, napako na ng pangako ni Bro. Mike; walang pinagkaiba sa mga pulitiko.

Overall, we all want internal and lasting reformation in each one of them and to another. Sa Amerika, kahit oligopoly ang broadcast industry, may respeto naman sila sa karibal. Pero dito sa Pilipinas, kung anong mali o krisis ng ibang istasyon, ibinubulgar at dinedemonize. Kamakailan lang po, nagkaroon ng two presidential debates that is moderated by at most two from different entities in different means. Kung sana ganun nangyari noong kampanya, OK sana. Kaso, nakalipas na at wala rin, eh — exclusivity mentality triumphs.

Lastly, we will go on to the inner circle’s judgment on who wins. I would like to give rise to this.

The Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) will award the 30th Star Awards for Television next Sunday. Pero alam ko, nagsawa na kayo diyan kasi sa pinapaborang istasyon dahil nandyan ang trails of cash. Hindi katulad ng dating gawi sa Channel 9 at 13 noong dekada 90. Two years ago, I made my case for a rotation of broadcasters similar those in Emmy’s but because of such trail in Mother Ignacia, parang worthless ang suggestion. No wonder, Mr. Sunday knew that club’s influence lead us to their favoritism.

To Chairman Fernan de Guzman, the cesspool of yours will be your very last. If our President can’t change his behavior and style anymore, then change must come for the better for the organization. Do us a favor; give a more independent officers and members a chance.

That said, libre talaga lang mangarap pero malaki ang balakid na walang hanggan napapatayo kaysa matutumba. Ang daming good intentions na planned out to see the real “change is coming” for the better in this industry to start with — pero dahil tuloy ang bingi-bingian at bulag-bulagan.

We are not here only to share experiences and insights but we are here also to untangle the tentacles that complicates.

We have so many solutions but with the growth of smart shaming herd, we will all be defeated and make our efforts go to waste. If they never listen, whatever happens in another year and until the digital TV transition completes — God forbid our kismet — a bigger ripple and domino effect can give us even more loss of words.

Thank you and may you have a hopefully better day ahead.

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Will 2020 be the new 1972 for ABS-CBN?

WARNING: This article will harass some people who will be slain and burned by the author. He is assured that he neither associates himself with the network nor he favors it. Reader discretion is so definitely advised.

ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center was raided by the military in 1972 upon of the effect of Martial Law. Come 2020, will they repeat the same method in a different scenario?

ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center was raided by the military in 1972 upon of the effect of Martial Law. Come 2020, will they repeat the same method in a different scenario?

44 YEARS AGO todayABS-CBN 2 was shut down without notice; viewers at that time became perplexed until that evening when President Ferdinand Marcos appeared and explained to his people; he declared Martial Law throughout the entire country ensuring safety from the preceding chronicles of rebellion and unrest.

However, such “quelling” was actually a forceful military takeover of their assets. Of course, it returned back to their pre-martial law owners in 1986 and nine years later, the franchise was granted by 9th Congress and ratified through Republic Act 7966 on March 30, 1995.

Everything is as good as it should be. However, the granted franchise has a provision that will last for 25 years or until March 30, 2020 — less than four years from now.

With that remaining time, extremely critical yet ignorant and irrational netizens are wishing Mother Ignacia bad karma without knowing the real process.

Here on Timow’s Turf, we will get to the bottom of this to determine the fatal path within Mother Ignacia.


Government gets green light for IBC privatization

With the approval of Malacanang, IBC 13 will no longer have to shut down but will be challenged under the hands of the potential private bidder.

With the approval of Malacanang, IBC 13 will no longer have to shut down but it will be challenged under the hands of the potential private bidder.

WE MARCHED on a long crusade for the fate of Broadcast City, whether to privatize or to shut down, until Malacanang Palace finally gave a nod to see the light of hope in the midst of their consistent and constant financial and operational gloom.

With only a bit more than five months left in office, President Benigno S. Aquino III approved the privatization of Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) based on the recommendation of the Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG).

This news has just received after IBC was recently snubbed out from covering another season of the PBA D-League in favor of AksyonTV after the blocktimer, Asian Television Content (ATC), had incurred debt that would be impossible to pay.

GCG gets to the ground

The GCG says that privatization of Channel 13 “rationalizes the State’s portfolio in the Communications Sector in view of the overlap with PTV-4, which is already sufficient to address market failures in the private broadcast industry, such as providing programs with social value but are not considered profitable.” This comes in the wake of the recent revitalization of PTV, as mandated by Republic Act No. 10390, which identified the privatization of IBC as one of the sources of funding the increase in sole state broadcaster’s legal capital from P 1 billion to P 6 billion.

IBC was also in financial distress, operating at an average net loss of P45.26 million from 2010 to 2014 and receiving operational subsidies amounting to P23.56 million in 2015. According to the 2014 audit report released by the Commission on Audit, IBC suffered into the capital deficiency of PHP 893.5 million.

IBC: Not just a repeat offender but repertoire of failure

Throughout the years, IBC becomes the laughingstock and the “rotten apple” among the fresh ones on the VHF frequency. It ended up being unrecognized by the masa unless they recall their good old days.

Aside from being a repeat offender of noncompliance to MTRCB ratings, IBC suffered the worst as what the Turf calls the “broadcast repertoire of failure.” (Sorry fantards, it is not ABS-CBN, GMA, TV5 and/or CNN Philippines that you think is/are the worst network/s “ever”.)

Aside from over-relying  and diversifying home shopping blocks, IBC ranked up dead last as they failed to compete with the Big 3, CNN Philippines and even her sister network, PTV, on necessary news equipment such as they procured no live outside broadcast (OB) vans and/or live cameras, no live phone patches and of course, lack of virtual news graphics. Not to forget, the lack of utilizing social media and a working website (although IBC had one until their domain expired back in 2005) became a hindrance to the competition and recognition for Filipinos in the Information Age.

The how’s and how much’s of the bid

The privatization of IBC will be done through public bidding with an estimated floor price of P1.977 billion. A committee composed of representatives from GCG, the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO), and IBC itself shall implement and conduct the said process.

That said, for the potential bidders, we wish to make the utterly forgotten, abandoned and fallen network rise again from hopelessness and shine once more to compete with vitality.

For more information, click here for Q&A of IBC privatization.

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[IBC 13 logo courtesy of Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation / Wikimedia Commons]

#PHTVzg2015: Media ng Bayan and 9TV/CNN Philippines

Another year has come and gone, but before we enter the sweet 2016, the Turf looks back on the rollercoaster moments of the remaining VHF networks: Media ng Bayan (PTV and IBC) and CNN Philippines.

Media ng Bayan

In the overall assessment, the government media consortium made successful coverage on both the Papal Visit (January 15-19) and APEC Summit (November 17-20).


Spilling the beans (February 6). Alberto Marbella, PTV’s Sports Division manager, did not renew the contract of PTV Sports mainstay and founder, Snow Badua. On that day, Badua finally decided to tell the truth on his Facebook profile exposing three instances against him: pocketing most of the cash, stealing funds for office supplies and violating the contract with other networks and working with them during mandatory hours on Channel 4. After his departure, PTV Sports remained on the air with Dennis Principe, Hadji Kaamino and Meg Siozon but with lamenting reactions for netizens.

Sacrificing shutdown for safety (Apr 2-4). The network was supposed to sign off for 3-day maintenance and about to lease their equipment to IBC for their live Holy Week coverage. However, Typhoon Chedeng entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility was about to make landfall in eastern seaboards of Luzon and thus, they gave up the annual maintenance with reduced broadcast hours with preparing the unexpected press briefing in NDRRMC.

Trying out but not renewed (April 6). On that day, the FilSports Basketball Association (FBA) was given a timeslot every weekday afternoon but it lasted until in early June (for two months) but it didn’t renew for another season due to misunderstanding and possibly delays. Thus, it was given away to TV5 on October.

The Sunday Afternoon Slop (April 19). Secarats Talent Management Services aired The Sunday Afternoon Show for teens and kids on that day but the initial taped variety format did not last that long compared to live, big-time Sunday variety shows in between and thus, shifted to dramatics but then it went off the air, following the instincts of low financing.

Diversifying home shopping (since May). Since that month, Shop Japan from the neighbor TV5 and TV Shop from sister IBC supplied the airtime on available timeslots in Visayas Avenue after ditching EZ Shop where no programs are committed and when no special coverage is scheduled — whether unexpectedly or not. Such strategy is somewhat a double-edged sword; it diversifies the product mix and rakes the network’s revenue but at the same time, it loses viewers’ attention.

Satire night (October 5). Have you heard of a satire program on a government station? If you answered “The Sic O’Clock News” and “Mongolian Barbecue,” then you probably had a good throwback but that shows were aired on the late 80s and 90s on IBC. On that Monday night on October, Bara-Bara, Anything Goes marked the resumption of such genre in a different state broadcaster. The program’s director is no other than comedian Leo Martinez — the actor who portrayed Pedro Paterno in Heneral Luna — and it marked the first show on Telebisyon ng Bayan to be rated SPG.


Diversifying the overdependent (since January). The year 2015 kicked off on an inept, overdependent and regressive network with EZ Shop‘s new companion, TV Shop with a well-known voice over. That’s right, the New Zealander expatriate, Brendan McCarthy. TV Shop currently acts as the reincarnation of Value Vision — with the most recognizable number (890-2345) — aired in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Unlike Value Vision, TV Shop does not explicitly state the price in the products they offer but some of them have a risk-free trial period. The strategy needs no further elaboration.

It wazzn’t happening (May). Ross del Rosario’s blog, Wazzup Pilipinas, decided to create an eponymous magazine show, Wazzup Pilipinas TV, every Saturday night on Channel 13 on that month. However, the pilot episode and three others were not able to air there for lacking funds to cover the fees of review rendered by the MTRCB.

Delayed, blocktimed collegiate leagues (July-October). Throughout the said months, two never-heard-of collegiate basketball leagues were aired on primetime as blocktimers. First, the Cebuano equivalent of NCAA, the Cebu Schools Athletic Federation, Inc. (CESAFI) on its 15th season was produced by VIVA Sports — a naïve sign of rekindling the relations after a decade. The second one, also on its 15th season was the National Athletic Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (NAASCU) under ATC Sports. Other sports that were aired as blocktimers on Broadcast City include tennis and American football, both of which produced and distributed by ATC Sports.

9TV/CNN Philippines

Prior to the launch of CNN Philippines, 9TV (until March 15) tried and tested different graphics for the Papal visit and found out somewhat successful especially its coverage. Onward March 16, the localized CNN in the country has been launched at 6 a.m. (on FTA) while certain programming from the predecessor have been carried over.

New public affairs programs (March 16). On the launch itself, two new public affairs program join the remaining carry-overs with Agenda with Malou Tiquia every Monday and Profiles with Mitzi Borromeo every Friday.

The news will never sleep (June 13). Within three months of the launch, no weekend news was able to cover and cause dismay to viewers on what is happening throughout the weekend. On that day, CNN PH finally devote the weekend with updates (on hourly intervals than weekday’s 15 minutes) and the flagship newscast (albeit 30 minutes). The current presenter of the weekend edition is Ina Andolong, following the resignation of Roanna Jamir.

Nearly lacking integrity. CNN Philippines almost go into the political bias as the Turf noticed the airing an advertisement of presidential aspirant, Senator Grace Poe (specifically, the young girl in the baptismal font scene). Her only son, Brian, was a correspondent on the network but took a leave in order to campaign his mom. With the recent en banc session in COMELEC, Poe was disqualified on running the presidency due to the grounds of citizenship and residency requirements after two divisions plead her unfavorably. That said, the newly renamed channel would return towards impartiality of election coverage.

Of lifestyle shows and carry-overs. Throughout the year, CNN PH Lifestyle provided five significant lifestyle programs (both new and carry-over and renewed season): Real Talk, Leading Women. Boys off the Record (a spin-off of Boys Ride Out), Bogart Case Files: On the Job and What I See?

Pillars and neophyte crumble but the EMAJs stays. Throughout 2015, two pillars of journalism: Nancy Irlanda and Jing Magsaysay stepped down from the news desk as Roanna Jamir, who joined since inception, resigned days after her exclusive interview by Media Newser Philippines. This changing presenter composition marks fear and trouble for credibility as entertainers masquerading as journalists (EMAJs) stayed longer than the rest.


New to hear:

Malou Tiquia (CNN Philippines)

Migrants (with unknown network origin):

  • Shamcey Supsup-Lee
  • Christine Jacob-Sandejas
  • Giselle Sanchez


  • Aljo Bendijo (PTV)
  • Claire Celdran (CNN Philippines)

Outlook for 2016

So far, Media ng Bayan have yet to declare the opening of the national election special coverage as the rest of the VHF networks already began the saga weeks or months prior.

However, continuity in certain programming is not an option. Come June 30 and thereafter, when the new President of the Philippines will be inaugurated and that means, there will be changes of communications management and broadcasting policies with news and editorial slant towards him or her over both channels on the second half of the New Year.

Nonetheless, the Turf issues a RED ALERT over the said consortium.

PTV made a joint deal with Nippon TV to produce the eight-week-long Japan-serye “Halo Halo House” as part of the 60th anniversary of normalizing bilateral relations between the Philippines and Japan, along with the coverage the state visit of Emperor Akihito and his consort, Empress Michiko, this late January.

For IBC, their financial performance and position is on its way worst than any TV broadcaster in the Philippines — even worse than any zombie from The Walking Dead. Based on the 2014 audit report from the Commission on Audit, Channel 13 is underway in the privatization process with the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) and KPMG-R.G. Manabat and Co. — but it would be completed slowly compared that of RPN’s. The privatization will be completed months after President Aquino stepping down from office.

CNN Philippines, on the other hand, will not be affected on the threat of discontinuity. However, certain programming needs to be improve such as producing more domestic news commentary and establishing a daily business report.

Wazzup Pilipinas TV on IBC 13

The Pambansang Blogger, Ross Del Rosario, joins Barter King Abaya and Dave in the new show on IBC 13.

The Pambansang Blogger, Ross Del Rosario, joins Bart “Barter King” Abaya and the Dave “the Common Sense Investor” Aguila in the new weekly habit on IBC 13.

CAN YOU IMAGINE a reputable blog become a TV program?

If you think, it’s impossible, not anymore in just a few days. No, it’s not Timow’s Turf.

Enter “Wazzup Pilipinas TV” on IBC 13, the variety infotainment lifestyle show produced by Asian Television Content Corporation (ATC) and hosted by the editor-in-chief Ross Del Rosario, the Pambansang Blogger ng Pilipinas (National Blogger), from the eponymous blog.


Hi-5 Philippines on TV5: A high expectation for a low network

The original Hi-5 members. Half-Filipino, Kathleen de Leon, was second from the left. The local counterparts of the Australian children's musical group will be determined soon.

The current members of Hi-5. The local counterparts of the Australian children’s musical group will be determined soon.

IT SEEMS TV5 will have a live-action preschool show in the morning since the reboot of Batibot. Hi-5, an Australian children’s band with an eponymous TV show, finally gets a third localized and licensed edition of the show and gets a chance to see our counterpart.


The Turf’s TV Zeitgeist 2014: Media ng Bayan and 9TV

THE NEW YEAR will be handed over in 4 days but before we bid adieu to 2014, here is the look back of what happened over the boob tube on the Media ng Bayan (PTV and IBC) and 9TV.


‘Kawaii International’ on IBC 13

[This post is dedicated to Anjho Ezekiel Reyes whose birthday was celebrated yesterday.]

NHK World's Kawaii International will be seen on free TV on IBC 13 this Sunday afternoon.

NHK World’s Kawaii International will be seen on free TV on IBC 13 this Sunday afternoon.


Japanophiles in this country of ours are going wild this Sunday. Be it mild or terminal, the said sector who are dead tired of musical variety shows of the Big Two will now have a chance to watch a show  of a slice of their main interests on free TV: Kawaii International on IBC 13. (more…)

MTRCB TV Ratings Revisited

Three years ago this month, the Movies and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) revised the TV ratings and mandated the standards to all free TV networks.

Three years ago this month, the Movies and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) revised the TV ratings and mandated the standards to all free TV networks.

THREE YEARS AGO, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board, under then Chairperson (now Senator) Grace Poe-Llamanzares, made a universal move in implementing a proper classification in Philippine television.
How did this implementation moved so far? Let’s find out.