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POST NO. 200: A Hodgepodge of Dreariness

Hello everyone, Timow here.

Finally, Undas is over. Thus, it is safe to say that we are now preparing for Christmas. Speaking of the holiday season, I have a hodgepodge of important thoughts to you, dear Turfers. So let’s roll away…


Quick Musings

  • During the last fortnight, the encryption of DTV boxes became a talk of the PHTV Group. One of our members blurted over the abuse and exploitation of a dominant network at the expense of others due to a technicality on Conditional Access. For me, it does get in the way.
  • On IBC 13, the perceived basket case in DTT, they finally get in after winning the bidding phase to 8BTSI. The testing ground on this pariah of a TV network is now on UHF 26 (13 x 2).
  • On Lorenzo Kiel Cerin (the PHTV aspirant who keeps begging opinions at Ralph), he should just set up his own blog to get his musings publicized. If he cannot stop with that unhealthy habit, I might consider cutting him out because I have better things to do than to just clean up after him.

All right, moving on…

The Next Posts

Three (3) posts are expected this month, including the delegated both Billboard Hot 100 Top 10s from Ralph Domingo’s From the Tube under indefinite writecation, following this special milestone article. First thing comes tomorrow and two more for this month. Three more are to be expected in December – which is the holiday programming insight, the anniversary post mentioned earlier and the Zeitgeist (the year in review) in that order.

On Article Requests

The Article Requests’ mechanism was able to accrue 13 article requests as of press time – eight (8) generic and five (5) specific. The response rate is about 62.5% for generic and 80% specific.

The mechanism was able to attain more views (22,000+) than any other full calendar year since this existence although it’s not yet over. Not to mention, the elemental involvements (such as likes and comments) are rising – making the Turf the most impressive (and the best) year ever.

Unfortunately, the ARs are NOW OFFICIALLY CLOSED for this year but worry not; it will reopen on January 2, 2018, with the new rules provided here.

Regarding the number of articles expected in the upcoming year, I estimate about five (5) per month that are ready for your requests. However, expect some months to be reduced due to special posts such as the quarterly Open Pits, broadcast insights during Holy Week and the Holiday Season, the upcoming year’s holidays, the Anniversary Special, the Year in Review, the New Year outlook and unexpected circumstances that might come in the way.

Our Tambayan

I’m happy to announce that Timow’s Turf has a Facebook group, the Timow’s Turf Tambayan. Anyone can propose article requests, vote or delegate their proposed stories in behalf.

Anniversary Special

Last but not the least, I have decided to do a special topic on the Turf during its fourth anniversary this December that I would love to tackle but I’ll give you two hints: It’s not related to television but it is similar in structure as one of my September 2014 articles. (Guess what it is.)

Expected date of release is on December 16.

That’s all. Thank you once again for your unreserved support and enjoy the rest of your day.


By Popular Request: Teleseryes Angering Anime Fans?

This Monday, January 9, will be the relaunch of TV5 AniMEGA.

This Monday, January 9, will be the relaunch of TV5 AniMEGA.

I know some of you are looking forward to the third generation of TV5’s AniMEGA on Monday.

Since last Tuesday, I have set up the new request policy in order to keep this blog alive. With that imposed, the first popular request comes from Albert Brian Gimao and he asked me, “Why teleseryes anger anime fans?”

To me, this question initially sounded too baseless and too childish. Then, I reconsidered from shelving it so that there must be an answer to end all that haka-haka (ratchet) in the cyberspace for the last time: