The free-to-air Philippine TV guide for Holy Week 2016

Behold the wood of the wondrous cross, of which the Prince of Glory and of Mercy redeemed us, sinners.

Behold the wood of the wondrous Cross, of which the Prince of Glory and of Mercy redeemed us, sinners.

HOLY WEEK will come early this year but it will not be the earliest in the range in the Gregorian calendar. The earliest falls from March 15-21 (happened in 1818, to happen in 2285) and the latest falls from April 18-24 (happened in 1943, to happen in 2038). This year, the most sacred week for Filipino Christians will start on March 20 (Palm Sunday) until 26 (Black Saturday).

Timow’s Turf comes back temporarily from educating the electorate in order to look out on the guide to Holy Week on free-to-air Philippine television. This scope will last until Easter Sunday, March 27.



5 Points That PCSO Lotto Draw You May Not Know

lotto outlet

Top biographers believed that Rizal’s vice is betting on the lottery while in exile in Dapitan. Because of his status as a de facto National Hero of the Philippines, his slice of life emulate the people by trooping in to Lotto outlets. Unlike Rizal who has a plan after winning his share, today’s people have so much unplanned ambitions that may soon lose their winnings rather than retaining through investment.

TOMORROW, the nation will mark the 153rd birth anniversary of one of our national heroes, Dr. Jose Rizal. One of the popular stories about him is about winning a lottery during his exile in Dapitan in 1892.  Today, our lottery is under the auspices of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) since March 1995, the mid-point of the presidency of Fidel V. Ramos. Currently, the Lotto Draw provides nine games not eight, as in the entry of Wikipedia due to the omission and lack of recognition of Bingo Milyonaryo, which in this blog will discuss later.