Noel Lorenzana

#ZG16: The Turf’s 16 Philippine TV Memories of 2016


ANOTHER YEAR will come to a wrap — two days to be exact but 2016 was not sweet as it meant to be but it tasted too sour and too bitter — be it in the aspect of entertainment, sports and local & global politics.

And the Turf understands about it but before we say “good riddance” or any uttering to release such frustrations from this annus horribilis, let’s all recall the top 16 moments that transpired over television in the Philippines.

Hold on to your judgments because it’s a hell of a bumpy ride.



Hi-5 Philippines on TV5: A high expectation for a low network

The original Hi-5 members. Half-Filipino, Kathleen de Leon, was second from the left. The local counterparts of the Australian children's musical group will be determined soon.

The current members of Hi-5. The local counterparts of the Australian children’s musical group will be determined soon.

IT SEEMS TV5 will have a live-action preschool show in the morning since the reboot of Batibot. Hi-5, an Australian children’s band with an eponymous TV show, finally gets a third localized and licensed edition of the show and gets a chance to see our counterpart.