The Legendary Doctor

Philippines Football League both to kick out UFL, off tomorrow

The new and legit national professional football league was launched last April 21 at Shangri-La at the Fort in Taguig City.

THE IDENTITY CRISIS and legitimacy of our national, top-tier and professional football (soccer) league is finally over.
Beginning tomorrow, the new (and de jure) league called Philippines Football League (PFL) will kick out the de facto United Football League (UFL) in the early 2010s.
What went wrong with the latter league? Are there any changes in the competition? What will be the inaugural game plan? Who will be the broadcaster?



Another Koreanovela on PTV this November

A screenshot of "The Legendary Doctor" (1999-2000) from MBC. Expect these and more on PTV 4, come November 7.

A screenshot of “The Legendary Doctor” (1999-2000) from MBC. Expect this scene and more on PTV 4, come November 7.

LAST YEAR, “Here Comes Mr. Oh”, their first dubbed Koreanovela, made it to the small screens on People’s Television Network (PTV). However, the press did not recognize the effect of the underdog network competing on the hallyu wave until last February. Despite of conclusion or abruption, their first attempt accrued 800,000 viewers on its first week, according to a broadsheet.

Now, the network of Visayas Avenue tries anew with another dubbed K-Drama. This time, it’s different; enter “The Legendary Doctor.”