#MondayThoughts No. 15: No Such Things As Slow

Before I jot down my thoughts for this week, I apologize for deleting the previous Monday Thought but I digress, truth can both make you set free and hurt someone.

Today marks BER Months and the playing of Christmas songs in radio (hello, Jose Mari Chan and Mariah Carey) and in mall speakers and display of paraphernalia.

Last week, after watching Crazy Rich Asians, my sister and I went to National Bookstore and I saw Christmas trees displayed on the window. Advance silang magisip. Nonetheless, we went inside.

Whie my sister is buying two black pens, I noticed a shelf of dotted journal notebooks (I endearingly called it, DoJo). When I think of those, I presume it’s very expensive but having read from Twitter that we have our local version, from Veco, I presume it will be cheaper.

As I looked down, I saw two sizes — the medium (price: P 105) and large (price: P 150). I decided to buy two, one for me and one for my sister. I considered it as an advanced birthday gift for her.

I already made it into a bullet journal — it’s not girly stuff, it was devised by a guy —  but I cannot disclose the pictures of how I made it.


As I said before, it’s September. There are no national holidays for this month, thus, we are supposed to go slow.

Nothing is slow anymore in every affair, be it individually at home (parents’ birth month) or collectively by the government (any shenanigans can happen).

In fact, after the Asian Games in Indonesia, sports coverage (print and TV) will be escalating this week with basketball tournaments (UNTV, UBCL and UAAP) kicking off and NFL. I called it SPORTember.


Until then, have a good week.

Timow out.

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