#MondayThoughts No. 4: Of Bed Weather and Two Holidays

Last Friday, PAGASA declared the onset of rainy season.

Hence, the past weekend harnessed the force of laziness and demotivation to work or socialize outside, hence, the term bed weather, and chill with hot coffee or hot chocolate.

As of this writing, classes are suspended in Metro Manila (except Makati), Cavite, Batangas, Bataan, Meycauayan, Bulacan, Olongapo City and Subic, Zambales due to such inclement weather and recession of floods.

This new week, we will observe two regular holidays, Independence Day (tomorrow) and Eid al-Fitr (on Friday).

The students residing in the aforementioned area who are still under bakasyon mode can use that time to prepare themselves before shifting to the effective balik-eskwela mode.

Araw ng Kalayaan is the most important national day for the Philippines, in to establish and to reflect on patriotism.

Every country in the world has at least one official national day (except the United Kingdom and Denmark).

However, the never-ending question of the state of independence, freedom and patriotism continues to roll, especially over commentaries on AM radio.

Right now, a lot of us are not happy about that state. In the surrealist geopolitical shift, the orthodox definition of standing by the country is irreversibly twisted as the submissive and unconditional love of its leaders that perverted the sense and principles of liberty, freedom and responsibility. (That is fanaticism.) Not to mention, the Chinese hegemony and the government’s constant laziness and suckup.

Rizal’s ominous words in the penultimate chapter of El Filibusterismo about independence, slaves and tyrants still rings to us today.

Makabayan ka ba o maging habambuhay kang alipin ng mga inaapi?

Aside from that, the government-sponsored rites are deemed boring with speeches and parades (sorry if I offended anyone) which will offset such negativity with #RP612fic.

Heck, the official logo from National Historical Commission (NHCP) is recycled — a template by just replacing it with a year and its corresponding theme.

If only graphic designers can design a better concept, it would be OK as Filipinos are naturally creative. In all honesty, the government has no taste in creativity from its people or sometimes, they’re inherently picky in order to fit their partisan agenda.

On Friday, it is Eid al-Fitr, a Muslim holiday.

For those who couldn’t file a leave today, you can still file your vacation leave from Wednesday to Thursday. If not, the automatic long weekend will serve you to spend with your dad for Father’s Day.

Speaking of that, I wish everyone an advanced Happy Father’s Day (except sa mga neglectful at mga bastos na mga tatay).

Timow out.

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