#MondayThoughts No. 35: About the Sickness Last Week

I’m getting a cough right now. I’m still lightheaded.

Don’t get us wrong, with amihan season still prevailing (chilling temperatures, rising at noon and decreasing slowly), this is a dominant scene especially for a guy who has asthma.

Last week, my mom had a fever but she had to work because her colleagues were on leave. That evening, I decided to finish encoding the prelim grades in college and submitted it to her.

Because of that, on Wednesday, I felt a fever over my head and I had a lack of appetite at breakfast. My dad sent me to the nearest hospital for a checkup and it lasted two hours. I realized that I have a bacterial infection.

The following day, Thursday, it was my sister’s turn but it ended up being confined there for the same case — albeit on a different circumstance — and was discharged 24 hours after.

Glad I was not hospitalized as I regained my resistance and appetite due to compliance in taking medicines. My special child brother was also infected with fever and, right now, recovered to his normal state.

Today, my mom is in Baguio for the continuation of her high school alumni homecoming escapade. I’m still concerned with her health, which inherited and transmitted the problem over us that week but I hope she will be fine and will not get worsened.

Timow out.

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