#MondayThoughts No. 27: Planner Wars

“Heto na naman ‘yong ganitong panahon
Kundi kalendaryo ay maalat na hamon
Wala na bang iba, fruit cake na luma
Exchange gift na diary, chocolate at sabon”

For those readers me understand the pre-chorus of the underrated 1991 Christmas song “Heto Na Naman” by the recent National Artist Ryan Cayabyab, it tells about the frustration of receivers over the things that are given over and over again.

Those diaries or planners were usually giveaways from stable companies embedding its name but due to increasing job order costs, it was ditched in favor of umbrellas or pouches.

Even in the technological age with Google Calendar and other planning apps, paper-based planners remains a hit in the Philippines.

For the millennials, if they think about paper-based planners, they think about Starbucks.

Every year, the designs and functionalities of the annual planner from the Seattle-based coffee chain gets better and more sophisticated.

Since the start of the month, you need to get stickers (physical or electronic) to claim the coveted prize. Never mind the TRAIN Law jacking up the prices of coffee as long as the eyes are fixated on it.

Well, I did not get into that crowd since I know that even if you buy a modest one, it’s the planning that counts. I cannot blame anyone since SB’s iteration is sacred — a holy grail if I describe.

However, this year, an alternative planner was challenged on National Bookstore.

Enter the Limelight’s “365 Days of Awesome” Series.

The designs are as sophisticated as Starbucks yet it has digest of trivias, life hacks and quotations. Each day’s page is dotted like a bullet journal.

It comes with designated page for a bucket list.

It comes in five hardbound colors to choose and it costs 300 pesos.

Due to the positive and advantageous reviews in social media over SB’s, the competing diary was sold out. No need to be insomniac, diabetic and/or broke.

If you asked me if I bought this or will buy this, it’s a NO. I bought a modest ACRA calendar planner last Monday worth P 65 before watching Bohemian Rhapsody. Though, my sister would love to have the white one.

A little advice: Please utilize those planners.

Timow out.

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