#MondayThoughts No. 28: It’s December

For most of us, December is a joyous month with festive holidays amidst the longest nights that would depress and snoozes.

It’s also the busiest and the most preoccupied… people making lists, people buying goods, people wrapping gifts, people socializing on their Christmas parties-cum-homecomings of their friends, people receiving crispy banknotes, people learning how to make new recipes for noche buena and media noche.

Speaking of lists, being the last month of the year, it’s also the season of contemplation and compilation before another year begins. Right now, I am going to list what have happened in 2018 in a certain industry.

I’ll tell you when.


This month marks the 10th anniversary year of my presence in cyberspace. I’ll tell the story in two parts.

Until then, Timow out.

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